Job application


I’ve applied for a job recently and not received any feedback it’s been 3 weeks can someone kindly give me an update please.

Many thanks
Zara Kamran

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Hello! We’re all just customers here.

Your best best is to contact Monzo at the details provided on the job advert.


We are mainly just customers here

Knowing how slow Monzo CS is, I’m not surprised to see this be slow too

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Email or the email in the job description.

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I’m beginning to suspect today that you may have an issue with the speed of Monzo CS.


Thanks I’ll give this a try now. Unfortunately they’ve not provided me with an email or any kind of contact.

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Hey There :wave:

I’ll post this in our hiring channel and see if someone can reach out to you :heart:

Hey Tom,

Thanks that will be great help :slightly_smiling_face: