Monzo Card not connecting to Apple Pay

Unable to connect Monzo to Apple Pay

Using a brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max with the latest software (its brand new!)

I just see the attached screenshot

“Sorry about this. Somethings gone wrong but we’re not sure what. Please try again in a few minutes.”

I keep trying, but it’s just not working.

Any ideas?

Are you trying via the App or via ApplePay?

Try the other one.

Do you have the TestFlight version of the app?

Hey Revels, ahhh so I did a few things within the Monzo app itself, and that seems to have worked.

I was doing it via Apple Pay before.

All is good now! Thanks for your advice!

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Thanks for the reply Duncan. It’s not TestFlight but Revels advice on going via the Monzo App seems to have done the trick! Much appreciate you jumping in with advice though!

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