Waiting for the card

How long doea it usually take to receive a monzo card? Will it be delivered by a regular post, or monzo offers something else?

I got mine next day and it comes in normal post.

I should receive it today, but it’s already 14:10 and I’m starting to worry

The postal service isn’t quite back to normal yet so although many people will receive their card next day it might take a few days to arrive.

Mine came within 2 days, I wouldn’t worry as it’s sent first class

Is there any way to check if it’s being delivered?

It’s first class post but not tracked so unfortunately you can’t follow it

If it doesn’t arrive after 5 working days, you’ll be able to order a new one in the app

As above, times are very varied at the moment. I upgraded to Monzo Plus and signed up for a Business Pro Account on Friday.

1st Plus card arrived Saturday but there was an issue with it, second arrived Tuesday

1st Business Pro card didn’t turn up until today.

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It can take up to 5 working days. All the information you need is in this help article:

It can take a bit of time. My Main card was expiring, so I was offered a replacement on Monday, the app said it would arrive Thursday.
Thursday came and went, so did Friday.
On Saturday I decided to upgrade to Monzo Plus, Both cards arrived on Tuesday.

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