Monzo card declined at VOXI

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I tried to buy a 30 day plan at VOXI and it just keeps declining the transaction. Does anybody else have this issue? Thanks :slight_smile:

Never heard of it, but now I know why

Can I join VOXI if I’m over 29?

VOXI is tailored to under 30s so you can only join if you’re in this age group.

If you’re age 30 or above and looking for SIM only deals, check out Vodafone’s range.

Glad Monzo don’t discriminate like this, I don’t even know how this is even allowed!


Pure ageism. All VOXI is, is Vodafone by another name with a few gimmicks chucked in.

Probably the lack of 3D Secure again.


I strongly disagree with that customer segmentation. But then again some banks offer perks for under 30 folks

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I actually love the recent trend of Monzo being declined for mobile contracts. It’s as if :monzo: was trying to protect you from something. :wink::joy:

Edit: well just checked out their website and it seems like at the very least it’s a 30-day contract so not as bad as I thought. Still, their pricing for out-of-bundle calls is akin to robbery so I would say you’re dodging a bullet by having your card decline.

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Mine worked fine :slight_smile:

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Yeah I saw that and I thought nah it’s alright, you young ‘ens can keep it!

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I tried my legacy bank card as well and it declined that too. Think it must be website issues.

Does your legacy card support 3D Secure?

Probably, although my Natiowide credit card would frequently flag O2 transactions as fraudulent and block my card. I learned not to use it eventually.

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It’s an RBS debit card, I assume they support 3d secure, although I’m not too sure. I find the whole thing incredibly confusing.

It’s not always 3D Secure! :wink:


Yes my Drummonds (RBS) debit card has 3D Secure

I think they get away with it the way Costco gets away with memberships; claim the legitimate business interest in discrimination (age-based pricing for Vodafone, essentially) is to create an exclusive club.

It’s also a net neutrality nightmare… I’m probably going to switch to O2 because of VOXI’s existence.


For what it’s worth, they don’t check your DOB when you sign up so you can get it at any age. The ‘Under 30’ thing is just marketing.

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Oh? They say they check your ID when you activate the SIM.

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They activated my sim from their end, and then I retried the payment online, and it went through via Monzo with no issues! Definitely must have had website issues.

Their website has issues for me all the time, It’s been the same for months where payments just decline and decline. They even disabled my account and had to re-enable it and I didn’t have a plan for 4 days. Usually I just chat with them and they give me a free plan.

Oh wow, so even if they redo their customer management platform from scratch (so no legacy technical debt like for their parent company) they can’t manage to get it right.