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Hello… Just tried to make a payment to O2 and it didn’t work. They couldn’t process my card. Am I the only one who’s happening this or not?

Have you used your card at any other retailers or just activated the card? Might be a setup issue, if your a new member of monzo, drop the chat support a message, see if its an activation issue :slight_smile:

Potentially the lack of 3D secure is scaring them off.

Can’t actually believe they would even need 3D secure, being a mobile carrier they have the advantage of precise location data of where the phones is used, so they could always take a “risky” payment and then deny service to the phone or ask for more verification if it starts being used in an unlikely area.

But this is O2 we’re talking about so… :man_shrugging: :joy:



Mono is my only one card which I use, since January this year, I closed all other accounts. I’m with Monzo since 2016, so no, it’s not a first payment made with Monzo. I think it’s more of an O2 system issue

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I think it’s more of an O2 system issue

No surprises there either. :joy:

What are you trying to pay for? Any chance you could use a direct debit? Or check out the competition? :wink:

Was trying to make a contract for an iPad, and they asked for an upfront payment which I couldn’t make it.

In store or online?

Also, a contract? Consider yourself lucky - you dodged a bullet there.

Why not just get the iPad at any store on a standard credit agreement or card, and get a SIM-only (30-day rolling contract) or pay and go?

Definitely sounds like 3DS.

Online, £23 a month it’s fine for 5Gb and a 4G iPad… Anyway would be £15 for the sim and something more of the device.

Hey Alex, sorry to hear about that!

Did you get a decline in the Monzo app, or did it just reject the card outright?

If there’s nothing in the Monzo app, it means they rejected the card outright, which is strange and quite possibly just a glitch with their payment processing. I’d say try again!


Yeah, it was outright, they just called and I got the contract, I should get my new iPad tomorrow :wink::confetti_ball::see_no_evil:


I just tried to change my direct debit on O2 from HSBC to Monzo, and got the message “Sorry, there was an error updating your payment details. Please try again later.” - are they still having issues with Monzo’s sort code, or is it likely that they have a more general problem?

Try calling them, it usually works.

I tried the online chat - just finished. Apparently they can’t change direct debit details on a billing day!

It was receiving the bill today that reminded me I still hadn’t changed the direct debit. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Oh wow, soooo legacy. :joy:

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