Monzo call status ☎ 😊

Hey everyone! :wave:

Since this is my first forum post I thought I’d take a second to introduce myself. I’m William and I’m an engineer in our Product Security team. As well as being my first forum post this is also the first product facing feature I’ve shipped at Monzo, so it goes without saying that it’s been a very exciting morning for me :smile:

I wanted to drop in to chat about the main point of feedback from you all so far which is that we need to make this easier to find - we completely agree!

Our priority was getting this feature shipped as soon as it was ready so that it could start protecting customers. Privacy & Security - where it lives now - is a natural home for it but we think it should be elsewhere too. We know we want to put it somewhere easier to find if you’re on a call and you want to quickly check that who you’re speaking to is who they say they are.

There are some fairly clear options for what we could do when we’re actually calling you - we could send you a push or pop it at the top of your home screen. The harder piece is where should we put this when we’re not on the phone with you? If you’re not on a phone call with someone claiming to be from Monzo then the status isn’t really useful for you, so it doesn’t make sense to put it on the home screen permanently. But if you are on the phone and someone is claiming to be from Monzo it would be really handy if it was right there.

We’re currently thinking about this right now as a team and we have some ideas to explore so watch this space for some updates :eyes: