[Announcement] Monzo Status Page

As we build Monzo we want to be as open and transparent as possible. Sometimes this means sharing fantastic stories or new features, but other times we make mistakes which will inconvenience people. Hopefully these are usually the former!

As a part of being transparent we’d like to share our new service status page with you, which is available at:

:rotating_light: https://status.monzo.com :rotating_light:

Here we’ll post updates and news which affects our services to keep you up to date if we do have problems, and these will be updated by those of us directly working to fix the issue. You can also see the status of individual Mondo features - for example we’re currently experiencing delays with topup notifications :moneybag:, so you can see a timeline of this incident which we’ll update as soon as we know more information. Finally, all of our previous incidents are available a bit further down the page.

Also for the more data-inclined amongst you we have realtime graphs of our uptime and API response rate :chart_with_upwards_trend:. These are taken directly from our external monitoring systems, so we have nothing to hide behind! :eyes:


It even has webhooks - this is how you do a status page :wink:


This is super cool, and awesomely implemented.

I’m sure this is coming, but I don’t think it was mentioned: Will this info be available in the app? For things like delayed topup it would be pretty important. There’s been quite a few times where I’ve tried to buy something expensive with Mondo and had to topup whilst at a checkout, so I’d definitely want to know what was going wrong if that was delayed.

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Yep definitely! We’re working on an MVP version of that right now :slight_smile:

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