Calling Monzo

Looks like push notifications while on a call to the help page


Really nice article - i’ve not had to phone Monzo yet, I am glad to see them doing this anyway

Find it a bit strange that the article is about interacting with support, methods of interaction, calls/in app wait times etc. Then the conclusion doesn’t appear to cover any of that just focuses on an notification sent when you press an option on the call. I wonder if the call was from a number other than the one registered with the bank if that “revolutionary” feature would still work?

Good article and analysis. Interesting to see data - demonstrates Monzo is very much middle of the pack, customer service isn’t a differentiator which is a lost opportunity in my mind.


I had something similar yesterday- I had a large transaction declining and had to call to request my limits to be temporarily increased. They’d confirmed my ID quickly through a selfie and increased my limits over the phone in about 3 minutes!


Interesting article. Hope the author periodically updates it.

Whilst ends with a positive observation on Monzo, the data captured in the early part of the article is not positive at all.

Chat support times truly awful.

Phone support times mediocre - although this was actually better than I expected.


The actual reason music sounds bad on the phone.


Good article, although the point about announcing the call wait time while in the queue I disagree with. Announce the rough waiting time at the start and leave it at that.

If you’re in a queue, you’re generally listening to the hold music and getting on with something else while you wait. You’re listening for a ‘change’ in the sound which grabs your attention as it indicates someone has picked up your call.

If the queue wait time is announced every 30 seconds, it’s causing that ‘attention grab’ every 30 seconds for no good reason, and making it difficult to concentrate on something else.

Of course, this is just a personal bugbear but I find it infuriating!


Yeah I hate that… There’s sudden silence and you get ready to talk, and then you get ‘your call is important to us…’

Just leave the hold music going, or, even better, call me back when you’re ready to answer (apparently that’s common in the US).



It’s pretty common in the UK now and it is far and away the best experience for the customer.



The worst example I have faced down the years is the HSBC phone one - their music coming over (probably) VoIP and then phone leaves it in a right state


Not to disagree, if we are talking phone calls, but I would really prefer to avoid the phone at all in as many cases as possible. Heck, I would even prefer to avoid chat if I can be given a button to push myself


I agree with this. For some reason though, companies don’t want to give users that degree of freedom in a lot of cases. Monzo provide more DIY options that most others but they’re not foolproof either. When you either don’t provide that capability, or it isn’t easy for the customer to do or find then you need consistently stellar support visibly and clearly available through a number of accessible options that work for the customer. It’s very frustrating when companies don’t.

Apple is a good example of striking this balance nearly perfectly in all aspects of their company sans Apple Care+.


This is a great website. Whoever writes this sums up exactly how I feel when I run through new websites or apps. Very well done!

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