Has Call Status helped you?

Hey everyone :wave:

We’re looking to speak to people who’ve had a positive experience with our call status tool.

Has it helped alert you that you were on the phone to a fraudster or stopped you from being scammed?

If you’re comfortable also potentially talking to a journalist about your story please reply here :point_down:



I don’t think it’s going to really help until it’s front and centre.

If you think the bank is on the phone and you’re even slightly dubious, you’re probably not thinking about going into the menus to find this, if you even know/remember it exists.

Yes, it’ll be annoying when you’re talking to your mate and you want to check your balance and its there, but it’s better than being hidden.


It feels like it mainly needs to be visible on the transfer screens for the largest impact?


I agree with the others on this. When we first saw this in August 2023 we collectively shared concerns that it wasn’t front and centre. Even Monzonaut William replied in Sept 2023 that it was something that was being worked on.

8 months later and nothing has changed (as far as I’m aware). It’s still in the same menu, and i’ve not seen a “we are not calling you” message or prompt when adding a new payee or transferring money. Your blog post claims that you get around 700 reports a month but I actually doubt that many people will have used it. How many of those reports are from the same people?

I reiterate that I think it’s a great feature, it’s just not visible enough in my personal opinion. I know it’s there and remember the chatter here in the forum about it, so I would check if I got a call from someone claiming to be from Monzo. My friends and family (some are quite gullible) wouldn’t think to look.

I beg of you. Please make it more visible.


Not with Monzo, but I have fallen victim to a scam call from a different bank. This feature would not have been any use to me, unless it had been displayed screens where you both transfer money to someone and when you authorise a transaction.

It’s useless while it’s hidden away in in the Privacy & Security settings. It needs be be displayed to the user before you get suspicious enough to dive 3 menus deep in some obscure part of the app.


I agree with the sentiment shared by others above.

iOS has an API you can use to detect if a user is on a call. Use it. When they are, show it on the home feed at the very top, or at the very least in the payment flow.


This is probably the wrong crowd to be asking this question to. But I agree with the earlier replies. When I first heard about this tool I didn’t understand how it could be impactful for people vulnerable to this sort of thing unless you somehow managed to surface it whilst a potential scam was happening.

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This forum historically has a spread across the continuum from every additional button press being an afront to add the all the extra steps possible, but I am definitely in the latter camp

Just for interest, on the latest Android beta, I tried the last two steps of a payment for a test:

There is a lot of good stuff there, but I really feel like that the green tick should be on the second/final confirmation screen as well and that this screen would be a perfect place to surface the call status

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Would be entirely possible to check if a call is ongoing on device and show it if so, no?

on iOS it 100% is this is a small snip using the latest Swift CallKit

import CallKit

    Returns whether the device is in a call or not
private func isUserOnPhoneCall() -> Bool {
    let callObserver = CXCallObserver()
    let calls = callObserver.calls
    for call in calls {
        if !call.hasEnded {
            return true
    return false


I think here is a nice place for this widget

No can do - that space is reserved for the Upgrade badge, which I’m sure Monzo feel is more important :face_with_peeking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:


Not a single person who fits this criteria has replied yet. There’s a good chance there’s none, but that doesn’t excuse the way this thread has been hijacked.

The linked post says over 700 have reported fraud via the feature. They just don’t intersect with people on here yet.


I’ve always understood it to be the case that Monzo will not call you. They will contact you in app.

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They will message you in the app first, and then call you.

Usually on the back of a customer requesting so.

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