Cant log in

Issue: so, I have registered, can start using my account, but cannot log into monzo at all, it just takes me to an e mail with a button that just takes me back to the login area, just an endless cycle.

Details to reproduce:
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Are you using the correct email address. It sounds like you’re being pushed back down the sign up route which would indicate you’re using the wrong email.

No, I only have the one e mail address

Try logging in here see if this works.

unfortunately it is the same process, get an e mail link, (press it) back to same page.

thanks for your help by the way, but I think monzo is not for me :frowning:

How did you get logged out?

You are pressing the link on your phone right?

I have not even got to log in. I registered, created a 4 digit pin, and never have logged in


What phone are you using Android or iOS?

android phone, its ok, don’t waste any more of your time on this I will just not use monzo, thank you for your help.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Dave, you’ve definitely piqued my interest though.

P.S if you get second wind and want to try again there is a number on the back of your card to call Monzo direct and get help.

Or email

If you’ve gone through the full sign up flow and verification it’s a strange one

ok, thank you :slight_smile:

it is indeed, nevermind. thank you again :slight_smile: