Monzo App on Phone

Hi I’m trying to download the app onto my phone but don’t have mail on my phone but it want me to open a confirmation mail?. Can I do this by text instead? Help please Mx

You need to click the link in the email they send, there is no text message option.

If you don’t have access to your email on your phone then you will need to do so, alternatively login to your email via the phone browser app.

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When I was on a secondary phone without my email, I copied the login button link from my email client on my laptop and sent it to myself on messaging (telegram, whatsapp, etc) and all was fine.
Other ways to send things should work fine too (Chrome/Firefox/Edge browser tab sending, Windows’ Your Phone sharing, etc), although if you don’t have them already set up they’re probably more faff than just logging into your email with your phone.

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