I do not have email on my phone

Hi, I have just got a new phone transferred everything, just going through each app, got to my Monzo app and it sends and email to me…I do NOT have email on my phone…personal reasons… How am I supposed to log in?

By going to your inbox (even if in your browser (I think)).

There’s no other way.

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Hi @RuthAB & welcome :wave:

@ndrw is correct - you need to be able to tap on a specific button (the ‘magic link’) in an email on the same device as the Monzo app is installed. If you don’t have an email client installed (or used) then, assuming you can access your email via a browser, you’ll have to access your email to see the Monzo email, then tap on the button. This will open the Monzo app.

Once the Monzo app is open, you can delete the email.

You don’t have to do this each time you want to open the Monzo app, unless you log out of the Monzo app or change devices.

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I am not sure what you mean. On my mobile phone it asks for me to verify, and they send an email, but the email comes to my home computer not my mobile phone if I click the link on my home computer will it still be recognized as being on my mobile phone?

No, because the magic link re-direct to the app to authenticate - you will need to access your email on your phone, via a web browser should work


No you don’t need email on your phone.

what you do need, however, is a way of sending the magic link from your PC to your phone.

something like Dropbox, Google Keep or any of many others

paste the link into the phones default browser and away you go


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For example if you use Gmail, you will need to log in to Gmail with your mobile browser and click on the link. You wouldn’t be necessarily “having” email on your phone but you would need to access it at least once to get the link.

Alternatively you could do the above via Dropbox etc but for the sake of a one-time link I think momentarily accessing your email on your phone is easier.


If you have the Signal app on your phone and on your computer, you can copy/paste the link into your “Notes to Self” on Signal Desktop, then it will come through to your phone, so you can tap it on your phone.

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I mean that could work and is a valid solution however, it seems needlessly complicated

Another valid solution, however, again needlessly complicated, but it must depend on the situation

You would have to get the link on your email on your PC, Right click “copy link” paste it into telegram, or WhatsApp or signal, Open the app on your phone and then click the link

It just seems like you’re making a mountain out of a molehill

The rules of the game are “no email access on phone”. Within that constrain, this solution (in any variation of whatsapp/signal/telegram) is not needlessly complicated, as it is very much needed in order to accomplish the end goal.


All this sounds very convoluted, just log into your webmail on your phone.

  • Open Chrome (or whatever browser you use) on your phone
  • Go to your email providers website. If it’s Google that would be: www.google.com/mail
  • Log in

Click the link in your Monzo email, then log back out. Easy.


I mean, I would argue that creating a forum account to ask this vs just logging in to your email account on your phone is needlessly complicated, but what do I know…


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