Monzo app link missing in Google Pay app


For all other cards I have in Google Pay - Halifax, starling, NatWest, nationwide: there is a button at the bottom to open the banks app directly from in the Google Pay app.

This is missing for Monzo. Is everyone seeing this missing or is it just me? I’m guessing it just needs added to the ur Google Pay provisioning to get it to work :slight_smile:

20180915_122623 20180915_122537 20180915_122435


I’m assuming you mean Monzo? The image for Starling shows it exists

Monzo has the same functionality to add directly in app but after adding the card the first time the link disappears if I’m not wrong. I definitely saw discussion about this on the Apple Pay thread so perhaps this isn’t the first time you’ve added a card to your wallet? Maybe a staff member can confirm :thinking:
Are there any other features you feel are lacking in Monzo compared to Starling you’d like to give feedback on for improvement? :slightly_smiling_face: You’ve started three threads about a feature that would (ideally) be only used once

I think you’re getting confused about what’s being said.

The OP is specifically talking about how the link to the Monzo app doesn’t exist in the Google Pay app, not that you can’t add the card to Google Pay from the Monzo app.


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Oh I referenced his previous posts re: a smoother link to adding card to Google Pay since I’m guessing not being able to add the card directly in app and the lack of a direct app link is related.
His post also says it’s missing in Starling but judging from the title and the screenshots he means Monzo? I’m able to open the app from my wallet directly, though, so I’m guessing it’s a platform difference.

Hi @evangelskies

Yes that should have said Monzo where I typed starling as you pointed out. I corrected the post.

As @Liam_W pointed out you are getting confused about what’s being said. This is not a post about a button in the app. This is a post about the integration with Google Pay being missing an app link as the screenshots above show.

This is not the same as a button in the Monzo app to add your cars to Google Pay

Oh I noticed this a while back. It’s very minor but Monzo might as well conform :laughing:

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Just adds to a nice rounded UX :slight_smile:

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Hi. I’m sorry if I’m not allowed to post anymore in this thread, but I have an issue related to the OP’s query. Today I have given my smartphone a factory reset, due to a concern regarding viruses after downloading an app. Therefore, I have cut the connection between my Monzo app and Google Pay. I did not yet receive my Monzo card, so it’s impossible for me to relink the two apps in order to be able to pay for groceries, public transportation, etc, until my physical bank card arrives. That might be after New Year’s Eve, next year now. Can’t I follow some other procedure to get my Google Pay app working again? I’m stuck, with practically no cash in my pocket. Silly me. I had no idea that a phone reset will get me out of my account and unable to reset it properly again.

Make sure you remove the card from the Google Pay app. Then go to the Monzo app, and you should see a button appear on the Account page (the one with picture of your card). You should be able to re-add your card to Google Pay like this.

If not, start an urgent chat request with Customer Support in-app and they should be able to help troubleshoot it.

Thanks for the answer! Now that you mentioned my card still being registered on Google Pay, I searched there and found my profile, indeed, with my name, my address, and some code that represents my identity within their virtual world. I can’t make sure whether my card’s number is still registered with this Google Pay account, because there’s no mention of that detail, but after trying to close this Google Pay account, I was warned that after doing so I will not be able anymore to use their services, namely paying for stuff that I buy, etc. As it’s 5.30 a.m. in UK, I will have to wait until the sun arises, and find an open shop, to try to actually buy something, so not to trouble the costumer service on the Monzo app for nothing than an unjustified fear.
Again, thanks a lot for the prompt answer and suggestion. Cheers.