Add to Google pay button

(Simon Hunter) #1

Any plans to add one of these to the app like Starling Bank has? I’ve just received my joint account card and had to manually add it in the Google pay app with sms verification. In starling I just pressed that button and it added and verified itself.

(Andy Little) #2

I’ve just added my starling card to android pay. The flow was really nice.

(Michael Mayes) #3

Only issue with the Starling flow, as seen by me and @danmullen as well, if I remember correctly, was that it did not merge the new Teal card entry with the existing manual entry on which I had a Google Drive and Google Play Music subscription

Had to remove automatic entry and add manually anyway

Of course we did try to raise the issue and the conversation was rather ignored before its ultimate deletion today!

(Dan Mullen) #4

Yes @MichaelMayes, I can confirm this.


I’d like this too. Even better if it was possible as soon as an account was created.


This would be pretty useful ! Guess it’s a single time button ? Until you change device’s again? Hopefully gets put on the device list :slight_smile:


I’d hope it was single time. And then an option in settings or if there’s a way to detect active Google Pay cards?

(Simon Hunter) #8

Yep I saw that too. But in general it’s a much nicer flow.

(Simon Hunter) #9

Yep it’s a dynamic button that checks if the card is already available in Google Pay. If it isn’t, the button appears. If it’s already added to Google Pay then it changes to text to tell you the card is available in Google Pay

(Simon Hunter) #10

It detects active cards in the starling app @redshift