Extra tap in switching to joint account

I don’t quite believe that I’ll be the first to post about this, but can’t find it anywhere else. In the most recent version of the Android app you’ve added an extra (seemingly unnecessary) tap in the process to switch between my personal account feed and my joint account feed, and vice versa.

It used to be, from the personal account home screen, I’d tap Account at the bottom, then ‘Switch Account’ (or something similar) near the top, then ‘Home’ again at the bottom. That felt a bit clumsy in itself, especially having to jump from the bottom to the top then straight back to the bottom again, but wasn’t terrible. Now after I hit ‘Switch Account’, I have to select which account I’m switching to as an extra step.

I get that this is presumably to support people having more than two accounts, but as I only have two, the popup is redundant and just an annoying extra tap.

A not-very-good suggestion would be logic whereby if I only have two accounts, ‘Switch Account’ automatically takes me to the other one, but that would still be clumsy.

It would be better if there were some other way to open that account selection popup from anywhere in the app, to avoid me having to go to the ‘Account’ screen and then back to the ‘Home’ screen. As switching between accounts is probably my most frequently-used activity, I’d happily swap out any of the existing navigation buttons (Home, Summary, Account, Payments, Help) for a ‘Switch Accounts’ button, which directly opens the popup and then, when I make a selection, keeps me on the current screen, but for the other account.

Perhaps there’s already some shortcut to open that popup that I’m not aware of?

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Further discussion here


On the iOS app, a long tap on the tab bar at the bottom brings up the list of accounts, so you can switch from the main feed. Maybe this works on Android too?

Nope :neutral_face:

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You have just changed my life. How I didn’t know about this, I don’t know. But I do now… a revelation! :smiley:


I don’t see what was wrong with the previous way of switching. The new menu would be useful if it were possible to have more than 2 accounts to choose from but that’s impossible so why the change?

The previous way was still pretty clumsy - if you were on the home screen of a personal account and wanted to switch to see the home screen of your joint account, you’d have to go Home > Account > Switch > Home (again).

Presumably the change is anticipating a point in the future where we will be able to have more than two accounts, and/or (hopefully) some other mechanism that will open the new popup from anywhere in the app, so you can switch accounts and stay on the previous screen.

The new way doesnt save any steps though, just adds an extra one.

How might an individual have more than 2 accounts in future? You can only have 1 joint account and the current account is designed so you dont need additional accounts.

As has been said on the other linked thread eventually business and family accounts

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Yes, which was what I said in my initial post!

My secondary point is that if (hopefully) some other feature is in the works that gives us some other mechanism to open the popup (say, long-pressing Home, or an extra button on the bottom toolbar or something) then obviously it’s an improvement as it will save going into the Account screen first.

I do find adding an extra step pretty irritating. As others have said its to make way for new kinds of accounts - that’s fine if the user has those accounts. If there are only 2 accounts to switch between then just switch between them!

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Open Banking integration allowing you to view your credit card and savings accounts in the Monzo app?

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Not sure either of these would be viewed as separate accounts:

  • Savings accounts - I imagine these will be viewable as pots like the investec savings pot.

  • Credit Cards - I imagine transactions from linked credit cards would appear in your feed with the credit card logo or with the merchant logo and the credit card logo in the small bubble in the top right of the merchant logo. The amount owed to the credit card might appear as a pot with a negative balance.

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I really, really hope not. That would be un-useable for me. Show it as a separate account or keep it out of the app!

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Since you’d have to give Monzo permission, or at least details about your credit card, they’d be out of the app by default.

Having a separate account for each credit card could work though, although I think there would be challenges integrating it with budgeting.

I’d like to see the spending detail in there but I’m currently against the intermingling of different account data in a single feed since I can’t visualise how I’d ever make use of that sort of presentation.

I don’t know whether I’d want to see it integrated with the budget either (at least to begin with) but that’s more down to the fact that I haven’t thought about that data in that context.

From what I’ve read on this forum, this seems to be one of the main reasons people what to integrate credit cards into their Monzo account!

I’m not a fan of the new way to switch between personal and joint accounts… Why make us press an extra time? Especially with that option going from the top then to the bottom of the screen - S9 is quite long… :hushed:

Hi guys, does anyone else find the new account switch function annoying? I have a personal account and joint account. I used to be able to just click on the switch button to see which ever account. Now you have to click the switch button and then click on the account you want. Seems to have added a unnecessary move?