Monzo App Icon Changes

So, in iOS 11 (or at least I’ve never seen this been done before iOS 11, correct me if I’m wrong) you can change the design of the app icon. So for example with the Bear App (which is a notes app) if you change the theme inside the app from red to blue or whatever, the App icon changes with it.

I was thinking, it’d be a nice perk to have the app icon in a different colour for certain users. For example, we’ve talked about badges for ‘investors’ and ‘beta users’ or ‘alpha users’, I think it’d be good for those users to have a different style app icon. It wouldn’t upset others as they simply wouldn’t know, but it’d be nice to have a little something on your screen each day to remind you that you were a part of the creation of Monzo :blush:

Thoughts anyone?


A different icon depending on your balance or today’s spending would be nice.


I like both ideas, but changing Monzo app colour based on balance seems a tiny bit more awesome! I open an app quite often to see if I have enough money. I’d set it to be red for below £20, Monzo yellow from logo for £20-200 and default colour for +£200. Love it! Logo can stay the same, just differentiate background around M to match balance.


Actually yeah, sack my idea off, balance colour is much better! :joy: Could just match whether you’re on track to hit your monthly target for spending / saving or something?


The ability for app icons to change was made available in iOS 10.3. I seem to remember seeing something saying that there is an alert dialogue box everytime it changes which would make it unfeasible to have it change depending on balance / targets.

This is a fantastic idea.

I’m in iOS 10.3 and I’ve noticed that Deliveroo currently allow you to change the app icon to a London Pride one. It’s a manual change, but it proves the possibility. It’s the first app I’ve seen to take advantage of this feature.


Hmmm, if it’s a manual change then maybe it would have to come back round to the original idea of an App icon change to show investor/beta/alpha status… shame actually because I like the idea of colour chnaging for balance goals now that it’s been mentioned!


Yes in its current iteration it requires user action or acknowledgement for the change to occur.

Where is this as I don’t see it?

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Do you have iOS 10.3? The ability for app icons to change was made available in iOS 10.3 so if your OS ver prior to that you won’t see it

I have iOS11 so should be able to see it

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You got the latest version 2.18.0?

On the main screen, click the avatar top left then towards the bottom of says “Change app icon”.


I have version 2.18.0 (8365) and I don’t have that option…

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Twitterific also allows this:

The Rainbow Flag: a political symbol of the LGBT+ minority’s struggle against a very real (and sometimes deadly) oppression around the world. Now appropriated by a fast food takeaway company so its users can make themselves feel good about themselves. Grim.


Oh c’mon!

They’re saying they support pride in a visible way.
Would you rather companies just ignored it?

I take it you’re not a fan of Apple supporting pride either?


I think all the PR hype and ads about companies are just for sales benefit and share performance, they just need to walk the walk rather than talk the talk, but more importantly whatever the company thinks they need to have their staff on board and thinking the same

I don’t disagree but showing the colours is still a bold move.
There are still people out there who’d stop using a company because they support gay rights. Q


and hopefully those sort of people die out eventually


I think companies need not just to tackle things that are PC or required by legislation but all discrimination, I have seen people discriminated against for their name, their class, their language, their nationality, their weight, their religion, their politics, etc and not just on colour, gender and sexual identity. Any discrimination for whatever reason should be stamped upon by employers as it is a form of bullying and personally I disagree with the saying that “sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you” as words can cut deeper than a knife and leave life long scars.