Black Culture app icon now live

It’s now available to choose as the app icon.


Well spotted! We made it available a little early :slight_smile:


Any chance of a Monzo Plus icon?!

I’m liking how it looks from a purely aesthetic pov - it may in fact overtake my preferred yellow investor icon;

(oh, and I voted for this version of the BC app icon too, so happier :smile:)

I’ve still got the holo red icon from Monzo Plus v1 and I don’t want to lose it! No longer shows as an option.

Looks good though, glad it made it to a release :slight_smile:


Awesome :sunglasses:

Thank you and the internal team for this :100:


Eh… I’m not seeing the icon on IOS but in any case from your screenshot that icon is off centre.

?: off-centre in my screenshot (:android:), or off-centre in the screenshot from @Theodore (:apple:)

Sorry, Droids looks fine but @Theodore’s IOS icon definitely looks off. Looks like it’s leaning more to the right. It’s a nice icon though, definitely like it compared to the new pride one (I did like the old one honestly)

I want the white one shown at the top of the icon selection window!!

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I think you’re right, unless that’s an optical illusion because of the green-red icon, it does look like the M is slightly shifted to the right:


Nevertheless, Monzo had the intern make it because the M is larger than the other icons in the set:

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We don’t have interns. I’ll pass this onto the design team to take a look at.


@Tainted-Archer @j06 yes it’s bigger, not off, but for what it’s worth I actually prefer the big and bold nature of this symbolic icon. So if this was intentional or unintentional from the design team, it’s better imho. Please keep it this way if you can: unapologetically big, unapologetically bold and unapologetically beautiful & black :ok_hand:t5:


It’s definitely off centre. I measured it myself


The Android version looks fine as you say - it’s an iOS-thing;

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That looks really nice. I hope Monzo makes it a permanent option, not just for Black History Month.


Of course!


Does this mean the pride icon will go back to the real pride icon?

Who else still has the original Monzo Plus icon?

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I don’t anymore after canceling Plus v1 in 2019. But the 3 Plus v1 icons are still in the app code and would be available to anyone who continued with Plus v1;

ic_app_plus_hot_coral ic_app_plus_lagoon_blue ic_app_plus_midnight_sky

Hot Coral, Lagoon Blue, Midnight Sky

The bigger logo actually fits better with the iOS grid system too. It looks nice. The colours of the icon itself also look nicer than they did in the poll on here too.

Definitely an alignment issue going on here though, which bugs me quite a bit, as misalignments usually do. Apple Music had the most annoying one with volume slider and AirPlay icon for over a year, and it never stopped annoying me.

It could just be an illusion given the contrasting colours, but if @Tainted-Archer measured it, and it is improperly aligned, hopefully it gets patched.

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