✅ App Icon for Premium

It would be nice if we could have a app icon for each account type we have. Example a holographic :monzo: for Plus and a frosty white for premium :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with extra flexes right?

Don’t have premium but would like to see this implemented too.

Personally I’d prefer they did something with backgrounds with the alternative app icons too.

I can totally see a white app icon and a metallic M for the premium one.

I think I’d prefer to see the icon background represent the card colour more, or perhaps the associated in app gradients they use for the background, so when the app opens and the iOS animation zooms into it, it’s a consistent look.

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Perhaps we could have a poll to choose an app icon. Then they could implement one that wasn’t chosen.


Good idea :bulb:

Uh oh, Poll Master incoming…

Agree on the icon choice though. There were icons for Plus v1/v2 (Hot Coral, Lagoon Blue, Midnight Sky), but none for the current Plus. Or Premium. It would be a nice touch to offer a difference which wouldn’t take much development time. You look at the icon more than you think.


We need @Peter_G for a poll :slight_smile:


@Peter_G has been Paged. I can see a poll dropping anytime soon :eyes:

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What are we trying to poll?

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New App Icons for Monzo Plus and Premium

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I previously did a holo icon mock-up;

Might have a go at a White Metal

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How about this for a fun community game: folk design their own app icons and we can vote on our favourites?


Monzo White Metal Icon #1;



I like it

Here’s a homescreen with it on for reference;

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What about an icon for plus?

:point_up: 6 posts up…

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I’d love them to do more like what Carrot weather, or Apollo for Reddit do - just having a hugeeeee library of choice - like obviously have the account / investor / beta etc types.

But just go for it with community designs, really ‘out there’ designs, to suit various colour schemes… Yes please!


Looks exactly the same as the stock one already in the app does that

I honestly am expecting the “M” logo to disappear from the app icon soon.
More than once in the months before I left I heard the design team express the desire to come up with something new and better.

I would imagine this is why there isn’t a new logo for Plus or Premium.

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