Contacts on Monzo constantly disappearing

Hey Community. I wondered whether any of you had noticed your full Phone Contacts on Monzo list appears and disappears constantly (but mostly isn’t present)?

All the Contacts permissions in my iPhone has been granted but it still happens - with the only contacts I can see are those I’ve either sent or received money from. However randomly the full list appears with everyone who has Monzo in my phone book.

Have you noticed this and if so, how can it be fixed? I’ve contacted Monzo and they’re not sure why and I’ve reinstalled the app a ton of times.

Any advice welcome as it’s driving me mad! Thanks!

Maybe it’s the recents vs actually clicking pay someone where the full list shows up?

Thanks for your advice. I wish that was the case. Sadly when I click Pay someone the full list isn’t there, just the recents or favourites. It doesn’t seem like it’s something that happens a lot, as there isn’t a lot of information on others experiencing it. Very frustrating!

Is your payments with friends on in privacy settings?

Thanks. Yes, I’ve checked and this is enabled in both the Monzo app and iOS settings. It’s just so strange that somethings they appear and are there and sometimes they’re not. And mostly, they’re not and haven’t been for a few days.

definitely strange, I don’t recall anyone with the same issue.

It’s very strange. So today at 17:26 Phone Contacts on Monzo were showing my contacts. By 18:59 they’d totally disappeared.

Anything to do with WiFi? :man_shrugging:t3:

Not that I can tell. Happens when I’m on both wifi and cellular. It’s an utter mystery but ever so frustrating…

Might be one to test as that’s one of the differences in the two screenshots you posted above. Also, which WiFi: home, work, public etc.


I agree with this observation. I know when I connect to my work’s WiFi network to access internal network resources this means certain apps on my phone (games, social media) stop working, presumably because ports or sites are blocked by the network. So I wonder if something similar is going on here, and if turning off WiFi will .ake the missing contacts reappear.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

I am at home now on my own WiFi and the contacts still haven’t reappeared. I do connect to my works wifi when in the office so can turn that off today to see if it makes a difference, but I’m not hopeful.

I’m tempted to try and install the app on my iPad and see if the same thing happens there, as it would suggest it could be something at account level, not an app bug.

Your screenshot shows two things.

Wifi = No contacts
5G = Contacts

Turn your wifi off and see what happens.

Hey! Thanks for advice. Sadly I’ve already tried this. The screenshots with one showing WiFi and one with cellular are just flukes. I’m on cellular now and no contacts (I’ve also restarted the app).

I did try to share another screenshot showing this but uploading was just hanging.

I’ve just tried with checking when installing and using the app on my iPad to see if it was an issue with my iPhone 14 Pro, and the same thing is happening. Also saw some information on how Contacts in Monzo work. Could it be an issue with this process? Or at a personal account level?

If it’s happening on another device then I’d say it’s a problem on monzo’s end most likely, try press them to escalate.

Such ‘per-account’ issues do happen. For 3 years now, I’ve been unable to reorder my accounts so that the Personal account is first. Can’t do it. Joint account is always first (ironic really)

Labs on/off. Full resets/reboots. Different devices. Someone else’s Monzo account logged into on the same device. Monzo contacted three times - still can’t do it. All against my account. MrsW’s app acts as it should. KiddoW#1’s app acts as it should, although tbf, there’s no JA involved there.

But the Monzo side can get ghosts-in-the-machine

I have exactly the same problem. Currently on web chat with Monzo to see what they have to say


Monzo suggested that old “delete the app and reinstall it” advice for when you have no idea what is causing the problem. Whilst that did work to restore the phone contacts on Monzo list to the app, it does suggest a bug somewhere so maybe their app developers will look into it.

Thanks for your help. I’ll try this again, but they’ve advised me that I have too many contacts that have Monzo and their servers can’t process it every time - so that’s why they appear and disappear. I’ve been told they’re working in a fix but there’s no timeline for this.

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