HELP Problems with app

When ever i click on the app it dont work gave provided ss of what it says i have uninstalled reset cache and data also tried force close still the same thing happens if anyone can assist

Delete app.

Restart phone.

Install app.

Sharing your device, operating system and other details may help.


Have done this and using a samsung s20 fe mozon works fine on partners phone same phone as me but not on mine

V12 android

And you’re definitely restarting your phone before reinstalling the app?

If so I’m about as stumped as the iOS crashing bug from a while ago. Not sure how else you could troubleshoot it. Maybe @davidwalton might have some tips? :eyes:


Do you have a VPN running? If so, deactivate it and retry.

I see you’re connected to Wifi, but you also have a dual-SIM phone. Have you tried removing one SIM and disabling the Wifi - ultimately connecting only via a single SIM that has mobile data available? - If that doesn’t work, switch SIM cards and try again with only the other SIM card installed & available.

Got to be something simple to do with secure comms to the Monzo servers

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Hi i have tried from both sims separate and by wifi it was working i went to set it up on google wallet and it kicked me out and havent been able get bk in since i phoned monzo they said someone from tech department would get bk to me that was well ova a week ago

If the Monzo app works OK on your partner’s identical phone, then it isn’t likely to be your Monzo account profile or the Monzo servers at fault. It’ll be something locally on that device that is causing it.

Do you have a VPN running? If so, disable it.

The Google Wallet thing is probably a red-herring, but it could also be a clue:

Do you have NFC enabled? If not, enable it.
Did Google Wallet work with other cards before you tried to add the Monzo card?
In Google Wallet, tap on your icon at the top-right, then tap on ‘Pay contactless setup’ - do you see ticks against all of the items like so?:

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Have checked all and all is right other cards work nfc on no vpn and sorry i ment my partners account works fine on her phone my does not work says exactly what my ss said honestly im lost as what to do next

Ah, OK. Then the problem is likely to be with your Monzo account and only Monzo can help. We’re all (99.9%) customers on this forum and so can’t help any further unfortunately.

Good luck getting it sorted & I hope it works out quickly :crossed_fingers: