Monzo app crashed after changing phone

So, had a massive panic yesterday. I’d upgraded my Apple phone and had restored from iCloud. At first Monzo worked fine - hadn’t had to log back in or anything. Then, I came to use it a little later and the app just crashed - clicking into it caused the app to immediately crash back out with no errors or anything. I tried removing and re-installing the app but the same thing occurred.

Rebooting the phone didn’t help but I did find, for a short time after a reboot, it would show the login screen - if you weren’t quick enough it would go back to immediately crashing again. Be quick, however, and I was able to log back in and, fingers crossed, it’s been fine since.

The worrying thing for me, as a customer, is in the middle of this, now panicking as I had payments to sort out, I rang Monzo but I was told they were too busy to take the call and, assuming I hadn’t blocked my number (I hadn’t), they’d ring me back. Nobody did. With no way to fully access my account (I know there’s the emergency website), I’m disappointed at the lack of customer support here.

Back to the original issue, is this a known one that I can avoid in future?

You on iOS 12.1? Heard a couple of people saying it’s causing problems randomly over a few apps. Test flight or App Store version?

Can you let me know which iOS you’re running?

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Am on iOS 12.0.1, rather than 12.1. App store version of the app.

There’s a new update out today. Try deleting and installing that one :crossed_fingers:

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