Help - App Crashes!


I have an IPhone 7, IOS 13.1.3.
Since updating the system my Monzo app crashes constantly, the logo signs shows for a few seconds and then I am back to the home.
I have tried resetting the session, deleting and re-installing the app, resetting the phone, turning phone on and off, literally nothing works.
Can you help please as I can’t access my money? :frowning:

Phone the number on the back of your card and they might know of a fix

Hi Martina & welcome :wave:

After updating iOS, did you restore a backup of your phone?
Restoring a backup is known to cause issues with the Monzo app. Always best to install from scratch after updating. From your info, you’ve already deleted & re-installed the app so there’s another fundamental issue somewhere…

  • Does your phone have access to the internet (WiFi or mobile data)?
  • Is your sound on (not silenced/do-not-disturbed/vibrate-only)?
  • Does your camera work?
  • Can you access your account online using a browser (

Please check the above.