What would you like in Monzo Web 2.0?

The current iteration of Monzo web is extremely basic and only allows you to freeze your card and contract CS. It doesn’t consider that someone might have to wait several days, or even weeks, for a replacement phone to arrive. During those phoneless days, this person would still need to perform basic banking functions and with that in mind I’ve made a list of some of the features think should be included in the next iteration of Monzo web:

  • Withdrawing money from pots - so people can spend money left in pots when their phone became broken/lost/stolen.

  • Sending bank transfers (including sending to saved and to new payees).

  • Deleting Direct Debits - required to cancel some subscriptions.

  • Downloading bank statements.

  • Setting up, cancelling and editing standing orders.

  • Ability to logout phones/pcs and report phones as missing/stolen - so stolen phones cannot be used to access a person’s account.

What would you like to see in Monzo Web 2.0?

  1. Definitely some kind of API ability to connect external apps. I have written a whole huge systems for my finances while I travel and I wish I could pair it up with Monzo

  2. I want to say reporting, but I know people would say I would be able to do it with API. I would but most of people wouldn’t. Simple daily line graphs, categories etc.

  3. Ability to manage apps connected to Monzo

  4. Updating merchant information

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PWA features, so it can be containerised as an app on Windows - including notifications.

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Definitely to allow you to transfers/payments, we know Monzo want this all to be done in-app but a lot of people are more comfortable doing this on a screen size bigger than a mobile (including me)

Monzo Web needs to be extended so that you can see joint accounts as well as the one in your name only.

It also needs to have access to the support chat app, I believe.

I would welcome your thoughts.

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I don’t personally get why you can’t see your account number and sort code on the web app. That’d be pretty useful

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I think something like this would be good. The design is by @stuartregan

Monzo for Web


Nice concept! Like it a lot.