Monzo and Starling CEOs on today's outage (25/10/2017)


That’s absolutely fine and I agree.

Likewise, one might say, if you don’t like people discussing the issues and having different opinions then don’t participate in the communities.

I don’t subscribe to that point of view, though. Your opinion is welcome here just as everyone elses is and should be. :slightly_smiling_face:



Starling have closed their thread now. :grin:



This sort of fits in with a growing understanding and expectation of their way of doing business. And that’s up to them. It’s gives me an impression of them and how different they are to Monzo.



so basically you are acusing her of lieing!

Having worked for a firm where we went into a customer’s site to review their code and help them sort out their mess (a subsidiary of a major high street bank) I do not find it odd at all going to a 3rd party and working with them to sort out their systems



agree. They have proven themselves to be less than efficient recently and if companies moved to an alternate supplier that would make sense


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To be fair though, that’s you going to a customer site rather than a supplier site so we’re in slightly different territory. Having said that, when things go badly at work we have had customers in, going through code and generally making a nuisance of themselves with their limited understanding of what we do so I’m certainly not claiming that it’s unheard of.

I assume that the banking sector will work in the same way as the aerospace sector in this regard.



our customers were suppliers (of insurance cover) to other people and as they were a part of a bank it similar security and confidentiality as going in to GPS



I have no issue with people having different viewpoints to me.

My point is this… There comes a point when discussions don’t add anything new, thoughts and comments recycled and the principle of that discussion is devalued. I think ‘we’ as a community need to be mindful of that.



I understand what you’re saying but I think it is also in the nature of communities / forums / groups of people to discuss matters.

If you’ve read the same comments before then maybe look at a different topic? That’s what I do. Some topics don’t interest me anymore as I feel they’ve been discussed enough. With the number of people on here, it’s inevitable the same question will be asked more than once, the same opinion expressed more than once.

Or perhaps I should have searched the community before expressing my opinion in this post to ensure a similar opinion had not previously been expressed? No. It doesn’t work like that.

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I’d much rather see people commenting, criticizing and asking questions as well as the well reasoned opinions of others disagreeing with them and having a nice debate. Instead we just see something questioned, and a lot of people accusing them of moaning, telling them it’s a beta, and really just saying their opinion isn’t right, as it doesn’t match theirs.


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I assumed they were reviewing/fixing code or advising on infrastructure. If they’re actually accessing existing infrastructure then they might need on-site access. At that point though Starling employees could theoretically have access to the data for Monzo (and other) customers, so I’d be a bit sceptical that that’s what’s happening.


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Ultimately this is the fault of GPS, not the banks. (Unfortunately as a customer, it reflects very badly of the bank) They have agreed a contract with GPS which has failed them. Monzo’s approach to building an in-house processor makes perfect sense, not only as a provider, but also as a bank. If you are a banking institution, you should have complete control of all your systems. Otherwise you can only wait for others to fail, like this week has proved many times over.

As for the Startling statement, it seems all too reminiscent of the AIB days when Anne was in charge…don’t think much has changed.


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Just to clarify, I meant to write GPS’ development team is likely outsourced to India, not Starling’s! I’ve edited the post.



To quote Steven Seagal in Under Seige 2; “Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups” :wink:


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Works 100% of the time…



Here is a chance for those silent Starling fans to vent whatever … :wink:



Well done, Tony!! :roll_eyes:



I blame @TonyHoyle for not getting paid :wink:

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I’ll be surprised if you’ll get much of that.


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