Monzo and Starling CEOs on today's outage (25/10/2017)


So went to check Starling Community to see what they are saying about outages. CEO has put up a statement, you can read Here
I am a Starling customer (Soon to be ex - Andriod pay is Here :wink: ) and was disappointed to see the word apology missing from the statement. There was bit of blame transfer as well, I wonder who is

one particular pre-paid card issuer

Monzon CEO @tom also put up this blog post (statement) on the 4th line he just simply apologised and went on to explain CA roll out, kinda assured that these outages will all but history.

Someone asked about the difference other day at another thread - I think here it is. I don’t want to start Monzo v Starling just wanted to highlight different approaches and perhaps mentality.

Edit:: Screenshot if link is not working

(benjaminlbowles) #2

At what point do these all of these fintech companies start publicly shaming their third-party provider GPS into action?

(Hugh) #3

Another problem with Starling…
You can’t publicly see their outage related blog posts.

Would you be able to screenshot and post here? :slight_smile:

I do wonder myself…

(Tom ) #4

Anne specifically mentioned GPS actually. The post is accessible via their forum homepage.

(Heather) #5

Working link:


I think the sensible ones are just moving away from them so they don’t have to. I seem to remember Revolut were also building their own processing system?


I guess contract they have signed up to will not allow them to criticise GPS publicly.
I was surprised to discover GPS has only 278 flowers on twitter and they never mention any outages


I do find Starling to be very corporate. I keep seeing the expression “Starling are a bank trying to be fintech and Monzo are a fintech trying to be a bank” which I think sums it up quite well.

Which works better, if either, we’ll find out but Starling haven’t had a smooth start. Lots of time to go and lessons to be learnt yet though.


Outside of early adopters, you’d expect people to be more comfortable with a company being a secure, stable bank first, then focusing on tech, then the other way round. Get the basics right first.


I have updated the link and screenshots for others :slight_smile:


I don’t understand the prepaid issuer jab. I’m not sure how responding to outages (one company) affects the stability of a supplier …


It turned out no one asked for an apology so I just asked and got it :wink:


Was just about to link that. I little awkward :flushed:

(Hugh) #14

Lol, not sure you should have to ask for one though… :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be the first thing I’d be doing if a load of my customers couldn’t use my product for a few hours!


Well just wanted to check don’t ask don’t get theory. I can confirm it works :smiley:

(Herp Derp) #16

As I write, some of our amazing Starling engineers are working directly at the premises of our supplier, GPS, to ensure that Starling customers continue to enjoy all the benefits we offer.

Sorry but no, I don’t believe this bit… A “tiny challenger bank” allowed in to GPS premises??? Nah :joy_cat:


beleive what you want when it is true


I really want Starling to succeed but if they keep this nonsense going on they’ll die off and potentially give a bad image to all the challenger banks in the eyes of the general public.

Maybe we can all contribute a few bucks to fund their in-house card processing infrastructure? :joy:

(Hugh) #19

Also, does this imply there are permenantly Starling engineers seconded to GPS in order to fix their payment systems :wink:

(Herp Derp) #20

It does indeed, but then also what exactly is the GPS Starling relationship i.e. secret investment?