Monzo Account not offered

Hello, I tried to open my account and when I ended I was told that you can´t offer me a Monzo account. I might have written bad something. How can I try again?


Bear in mind that Monzo do not have to tell you why you weren’t offered an account and also do not have to offer you an account.

It’s probably better to start looking at alternative banks than to chase Monzo.


Also worth downloading Credit Karma and making sure what is listed in the details are accurate.

You can’t try again. For whatever reason, an account is not available to you. From seeing the stories of others in this situation, all you can do is accept the situation and look to open an account somewhere else.


I would give them a email. It could be user error(you) such as typing in name incorrectly to your ID and on the register
But I would check your credit file see if anything negative is on there

Grab a statutory credit report from the 3 major credit reference agencies and see if anything is wrong.

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