Creating account issue

hi dears Me and my brother today we tried to apply for Monzo account but unfortunately after verifying everything on last step we got attached error which saying Unfortunately We cannot offer you a Monzo account at this moment and there is not any reason why ?
thanks for any help and advice

You could try calling Monzo but I don’t think they have to tell you the reason.

Might be worth using Credit Karma to check your credit reports with TransUnion are accurate.

Do you have any bankruptcies, insolvencies or CCJs? Cifas? Financial connections to others which have?
If you don’t then make sure nothing is in that section.

Does it show your current address? Without an address they might not want to give one.
Try Monese instead.

Bit odd that it’s both of you being declined. It’s not an age thing that you’re under 16 or just moved to the UK?


actually we are both not under 16 and we have not any issue and we really confused cuz its without any reasons

its not really an ‘error’ - its a screen that says we can’t offer you an account , what the reason is ? we on the public forum can only guess at after Phils suggestions, as he says the only way you might find out more is through Monzo staff :man_shrugging:


As mentioned, you can try contacting Monzo to get the reason and I’m sure they’ll share it if they can.

However, don’t assume their decision will be reversed. More often than not, this is sadly their final answer.

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Was Credit Karma showing everything “normal” for both of you and what you would expect to see? Take the score with a pinch of salt but if its 0-550 then you’re classed as high risk.

It would be rare to both be victim of fraud etc but it seems odd that you are both being blocked. It’s not like a full house and no more signups so there will be a reason for it. It could well be a false positive if the details they are checking are wrong with TransUnion.

I would suggest try Monese or Starling instead. However do check your report first otherwise you might have the same denied.

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thanks guys I will try to contact them and share the reason here thanks for your helps


I don’t think they tell you why they won’t offer you an account try checking your credit score that will more likely tell you to check it any way.

If you have poor credit and ccj then that could be the reason why.