Monzo account for new arrivals

I have had a few friends arrive from down under recently and I always recommend Monzo as the bank to use.

However, recent arrivals have received a message from Monzo saying an account cannot be opened, and will not be opened in the future - and of course they can’t say why they came to this decision.

Really odd as if this is a new trend it means a lot of people coming to work in the UK will be denied. I’m now much more cautious about recommending Monzo to new arrivals given the very poor experience…

Maybe it’s because their NI number hasn’t been processed or they aren’t on the electoral register or something else… whatever the reason it is really disappointing. These are educated & relatively high earners too. No idea how less well off people will go…

Is this a new trend for new arrivals to the UK?

No one her will know because we don’t work at Monzo, and Monzo won’t give those statistics.

Not sure you can extrapolate the experiences of a couple of friends into anything really, let alone calling it a “new trend”.

I would suggest Monese, which has been built to cater to immigrants without any history in the UK or Europe.


Probably this and no credit history and everything else that will be pretty much non-existent for people new to the country.

I believe Monzo just have a one set of criteria that is needed to open an account. If you don’t meet this there are no other options. Whereas with larger and more established banks, they have a whole range of account types, rules, restrictions and can take more risk, that means they will at least be able to offer something rather than nothing.

I’m sure Monzo that will get there eventually and I like to think that if it was a “untapped gold mine” we’d have heard more around this but sadly there is nothing in the news or on here that has been mentioned.

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Hope you don’t mind, I changed the tag to help not feedback :crossed_fingers:t3:

This can happen with most banks if they don’t fit the criteria.

HSBC is apparently good for new arrivals, could also give Starling a whirl.

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Good job opening a bank account has nothing to do with your salary or whether you know your ABCs then.


Something seems to have changed in the last 6-12 months as no one I knew had an issue before then, maybe a change in the risk appetite.

As a new arrival into a country, being denied a basic bank account and being told to never apply again gets the emotions going!

Starling as my second recommendation has been successful for those declined at Monzo. Seems crazy! I was interested if others knew of similar experiences as a shame for Monzo to get a bad name.

Monzo isn’t a basic bank account, more standard than a basic given the options available with the account.

Starling should sort it, or any high street bank :crossed_fingers:t3: