Monzo account denied due to CIFAS marker (I think?)

I think it might have been that they had to offer EU citizens an account, but now they don’t.

That’s the right attitude to have over it really. You get a lot of people coming on here and complaining as if Monzo owe them access to X, Y or Z.

I’m sure if you ever wanted a loan or overdraft you’d easily find another bank that offers you what you need, that’s Monzo’s loss for not taking the risk I guess.

The current situation makes lending to anyone risky. With furlough ending, hospitality being shutdown etc, it’d be really easy to go from something being affordable to not.

Ah they don’t owe me anything. And i’m speaking as an investor. Got a big overdraft with First Direct still in the case of an emergency, and I know i can get a loan elsewhere. It is what it is! Nice to have everything under one roof, but really not the end of the world.

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Definitely. I’m lucky to be in an industry doing well out of Covid, but Monzo don’t know that.

Is it allowed to order it to the UK address while I am not in the UK? (arriving tomorrow :D) so it will come by post to the hotel, at the moment when I arrive.

I imagine if you tried to open an account with a hotel as your address you’d be declined.

Basil Fawlty would have smashed a tree on an Austin if this was the case. What about the live-in hoteliers & B&B owners? I suspect, depending on the specific destination address, it’s entirely viable to have a card delivered to a hotel.

But having the card arrive by post at the exact time of arrival to meet it is an entirely different kettle of fish.

The difference there is that they’re likely to be on the electoral roll or have credit history at the address - whereas someone traveling wouldn’t.

I like seeing people from all over the world who come on here wanting a Monzo account. There are plenty of other options and more established UK banks but they seem to want Monzo? :thinking:

To say they’re only UK and a smidge US, Monzo have got their name out there and have done something to convince newcomers to the country that Monzo is the bank for them.


Nothing about ‘I want Monzo account’, lol :slight_smile: more like ‘I will need an account as I am planning to live in the UK’ - a friend suggested as ‘nice app easy to open with this covid you don’t even need to visit a branch’ which I sounded nice as a result never will apply on this app again, I wonder will they delete the photo of my passport and ‘recorded selfie video’ or at some point it will go for sale in the darknet :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that question is answered then.

I wasn’t insinuating anything. It’s just interesting to see how far and wide Monzos message has got out when they don’t really market themselves internationally.

Hopefully you get accepted :crossed_fingers: