CIFAS Marker Not My Fault - Proof of everything any advice?

Alright so, Some time in February I had been selling something, the person said I had defrauded them, as I didn’t send the item, it was just taking long in the postal services, so I gave them the delivery fee back and they got to keep the item. So they got rid of their complaint to their bank. Monzo closed my bank at the time because of this, after I showed them everything, they said it was an error, issued me 60£ credit and reopened my account. Now recently I’m July, my monzo got hacked but I got the account bank after doing some identification processes, they put a temporary block on the account and after some time they locked it. They told me to check CIFAS. I also applied for a savings account with santander which caused them to do a credit check and they closed the account cause of the monzo CIFAS (I had Santander years before I had monzo).

So I done a DSAR and it seems I got a CIFAS from monzo in February for “retaining unlaw credit” Cat 6. I got a final response and monzo said they can’t do anything I’ve escalated this to the Financial Ombudsman. I’m 16 and just starting college I need a card to recieve my bursary and go forward with my school lunches “it’s all done via card”. I also got rejected at interview stage by mcdonalds because I do not have a bank. Is their anything you think I should do to get one I’ve applied for my local credit union but I need a bank urgently even a basic one.

Try a local credit union, most offer an account you can use which generally attracts a small monthly fee

Edit - missed the bit where you mentioned the CU, they are you’re best bet to be fair

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Firstly, you need to be honest. Lying won’t get you any help and it will only make things worse.

Search this forum, there’s lots of advice for the many people who have posted about this.

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Stick with your credit union while you appeal the marker. You can do all of what you’ve mentioned you need with this.

I’m not sure why you’ve gone to the financial ombudsman. The steps you need to take to dispute a CIFAS marker are on their website:

You’re on step 3

It goes into more detail of what they do and how long it takes on their website. Read up on it and familiarise yourself with it.


I’m sure I’ve seen the exact same post a week or so ago?

just checked with my local Cu, they don’t offer accounts anymore. Also I’ve complained to CIFAS directly. Any other methods of getting a account, my bursary form came today.

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nothing conclusive for being under 18. NLCU also doesn’t offer Engage cards so that option is out of the window.

Have you been in to your local banks and explained the situation to see if they’d give you a basic bank account? Or been to see citizens advice?

There must be more than one credit union in London? I did a quick google and found London Plus – London Plus Credit Union – are they no good?

I live in North London

that credit union won’t allow me

Monzo is not the only resource you have available. Try some others. Just be warned that they won’t be able to help you unless you tell the truth and not what you’ve told us.

I’m 100 % telling the truth

As far as I see it, your option is either a Credit Union or a “bank” who will offer you a debit card but charge you a fortune for the privilege. That’s it.

Kinda difficult since they’ll need your details also they need access to your email for the magic link. Did you not fall for and be money mule and you just said you got hacked to protect yourself?

Honestly is the to success, however I recommend apply for the basic of the basic account that has 0 credit. Tell the bank clerk before you apply as if you apply to to many at once that can damage you further.

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If you can recommend any for me that’ll be good

What you’ve said 100% didn’t happen. I don’t care what you did but I’m not going out of my way to help someone that can’t be honest.

You’ve got yourself into this mess, put in some effort to get yourself out of it. I’ve already helped you but you can’t be bothered to do anything yourself it seems.

@AlanDoe i think this needs closing. It’s pretty circular


the email getting hacked has nothing to do with the monzo it’s just backstory