CiFas marker and opening a Monzo


My son has applied for an help to buy isa at Santander it got refused then at NatWest where his current account was - and his NatWest has been shutdown

This has caused so much stress and upset and he needs an account for his wage to be paid into

We are awaiting the report back from CiFas

Would it be worth him trying Monzo to get his monthly Salary paid into at last?

Worried dad :cry:

yes, Monzo do not exclude people with CIFAS markers but he wont be offered credit

Apply and they will contact him if they need more info



As another person has said above, Monzo doesn’t look at the CIFAS marker really and most times offers people (who have CIFAS markers) accounts. However, general advice is to email Monzo first at and see how it goes on from there.

That’s not the advice I’m afraid.

They’ve always said to apply and they’ll be in touch if they need more information as stated by @Rat_au_van.

Email is not their primary support channel so you’ll be waiting a long time for a response only to be told the above.


Thanks guys

We are so worried because he will e d up loosing his job then that causes addition problems

Nobody has ever come back to the forum to say they were refused an account because of the marker. If he applies tonight he will probably have the card by Thursday

Sorry to hear what your son is going through.
What industry does your son work in?

Thank you

He works on digital marketing so luckily not finance sector

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I have to agree with @Rat_au_van, just apply and see how you get on.

Appreciate all the replies

He’s sent off for the CiFas report, I advised to wait until it came back but it seems the advice here is just apply in the meantime?

Yep, just apply. If they require anything else they’ll be in touch. Let us know how you/he get on :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.

Many employers will allow him to be paid into your account if you both sign a letter about it if that’s helpful.

Yes that’s what I’m thinking