Monzo .. 2 weeks in

So my Monzo card arrived 2 weeks ago today. I have been using it for all card purchases since and it has really drew my attention to the amount I spend on bits and bob’s like the vending machines at work, so have a plan to reduce this type of spending. I know I could have done the same with my Natwest account, however it just seems easier with Monzo. However, to go Plus and full Monzo, I personally would like to see more Plus additions available and have the ability to add then as and when they are available.

So, would I recommend Monzo. Yes, I would. It’s good, but could be gooder :grin:


Yeah, Monzo Plus is a bit of a nothing at the moment, but really glad you’ve been having a good time ^^ I’ve had similar realisations about my spending by having that instant transaction feed.


I joined just short of two weeks ago also, the interest is what drew me in as my previous bank were giving 0.2 percent interest in ISA and saving accounts, so i went all in and have moved most of my savings to Monzo and so far so good :+1:

I am a little worried though about the amount of people on Twitter and Facebook saying they have had their accounts frozen or blocked, they seem to protest they have done nothing wrong, which i guess they are going to say, however it does still make me wonder if i did the right thing going all in.

This might reassure you

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That was a reassuring read, thanks :+1:

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Few months ago, my account was blocked. First time I deposited money try a pay point of 50 pounds and next day my account was blocked… I put a complaint in straight away as I got mental health and heart issue and I get paid from dwp every month. They can’t freeze money from the government that is given for food etc… Everything is clear in my account they can see it… It was only blocked as I deposited money for the first time which was a gift. The next night luckily they unblocked me account as I had no money for food and it’s government paid money. They also offered me money compensation on the spot which was straight in my account


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