A huge thank you to Monzo!

So a couple of days ago I was having a pretty rough day, I’d had to take my dad into hospital at 2:30am with chest pains which was pretty scary in itself (He’s fine now, lucky wasn’t anything bad) and this is after having a full day at work and having to wait in the hospital until 7am with him.

However at 6:30am I had a notification come through that id spent a few thousand pound over a couple of purchases which obviously wasn’t me, I froze the card as soon as I saw it was a fraudulent transaction but before I could get to freeze it a few more transactions went out as well.

I obviously headed straight for the in app chat to report it and even though it was 6:30am I had a response within 18 minutes letting me know they’re looking into it, at 8:30am I had a message to say that the money had been refunded into my account.

To say I was more than impressed with this is an understatement, on a day like that having to deal with a fraudulent transaction (or four as it turned out!) was the last thing I wanted to do and Monzo made it really simple.

I cannot thank you enough and to Rebekah for being simply brilliant.

You’ve got a customer for life.

cc @tom


So glad to hear the customer service was so reassuring. I think that’s one nice thing. Any bank will protect you, but with Monzo you feel more in control and protected.


Seems to be happening to a few people on the forum. Do they think your card has been skimmed or some other method they are using to make these types of purchases?

Maybe worth while moving a large part of your cash to a pot to help prevent these large purchases? A bit of a pain though.

It was an online transaction for “Industrial Supplies”, Im really careful about making sure all my details are kept private and as quite a technical person I’m about as savvy as you can be when it comes to online security etc, card details aren’t written down or stored anywhere so im really not sure how it happened.

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Monzo probably knows more. One possibility for how it could have happened is the merchant may only collect PAN and expiration date. These can be obtained pretty easily (unlike CVC2 which is much harder to skim).

Only Monzo will know what was presented in the authorisation. If the merchant didn’t even check CVC2, they were kinda asking for the loss.

P.S. to clarify, I’m not endorsing fraud against merchants who fail to perform basic security checks. Just saying I find it hard to feel too sorry for them.


Its not all that common. It’d probably because we have a community for users to share this stuff :blush:


Just as a quick update to this, Monzo are looking into finding out more information and going to let me know on Monday afternoon about how it happened :slight_smile:


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