Account Switch Finished Yesterday

I have just completed an account switch from Nationwide to Monzo and it all went really smoothly with no fuss. I had a couple of notifications from Monzo and an email from Nationwide saying sorry to see you go.

So what I hear you say. Most of the time people only write in with a problem so I thought I would just write this for anyone thinking of making the change to full Monzo, yes it is as easy as they say.

I have to wait until the end of June to see if my incoming payments work but I can’t see any reason why not.

My next mission, ITTT and working out how to get it to do the stuff I want.


I was a little bit anxious about doing it, but it couldn’t have been smoother.

Which I guess is the reason the process exists, you have to trust it!

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This is a good idea for a topic! :+1:

I CASS’d to Monzo as soon as it was available in the summer of 2018 and it went completely smoothly. The ease of use of the account and the functionality of pots has completely transformed my relationship with money.

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I must admit I was/still am a little cautious about account blocking but it seems to happen rarely, so I have made the assumption that because my banking is pretty straight forward, it is unlikely to be a problem for me. Besides I love the functionality of the app and the instant notifications. It feels like it is fit for the age I live in and not some Victorian bank like many of the High Street banks.

Woooooo welcome :tada:


Welcome! I moved from Nationwide to Monzo a while ago and it’s night and day between the two to be honest.

On the subject of ‘account blocking’ I think it’s important to point out that Nationwide (and all other providers of bank accounts) block accounts every day. I’ve yet to see any evidence whatsoever that Monzo have ever blocked the account of someone who didn’t breach their terms. :man_shrugging:t3:

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That’s good to know, I guess Monzo, Revolut and Starling just attract the headlines because they are new and it makes the news a bit more interesting.
I have put my trust in Monzo and will carry on my banking as normal. So far, very good.

Time will tell on the blocking front. As mentioned you’ll be fine :+1:

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