Moneys been deposited into monzo but no where to be seen?

Hi, my friend sent me £50 via cash app (similar to paypal, just a way to send and receive money) and I had linked my monzo card to the a app beforehand so once that money was in my cash app balance it would automatically be cashed into my monzo. My monzo hasn’t received any money but on the receipt on the transaction it says it’s been deposited? How can I resolve this?

How you raised a support ticket in app? That’ll be the question way to get help.

According to the cashapp website it can take between 1-3 days. Have you waited this long?

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Sounds like you need to ask Cash app, not Monzo.

@Tommypinball I emailed them yesterday but I’m not sure whether they will reply because of lockdown so there might be a big delay.

Oh really, this problem happened yesterday so I wait another day or too then see what happens. But I’m just confused on the fact that the status of my money on the transaction says that it’s been deposited so does that not mean the money should be in my monzo?

Yeah I emailed them anyways but I’m just not sure who it is at fault so it better to be safe than sorry

I’m not certain as I’ve never used cashapp before - I just found that from a quick Google :slight_smile: Hopefully that’s the case and it will resolve itself for you soon :crossed_fingers:

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If you both have UK bank accounts I’d recommend just using bank account numbers to make a direct transfer. The more (needless) third-party links you put in the chain, the more opportunity there is for things to go wrong. And with a faster payment you’ll probably get the money instantly, too.


I think there might be issues with Monzo’s Faster Payments. I sent one to my friend (from Starling to Monzo) this night and it hasn’t arrived yet. She just tried sending a test payment from her Monzo to 2 different accounts and both gave an error immediately. Tried her card on my Stripe account and it authorises so it doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her account (frozen, etc).

According to there is no issue being reported with payments.

Faster Payments can take 24 hours, just because they’re usually almost instant we all expect that, but the name is misleading, so your Starling to Monzo payment may still be working its way.

As for your friend encountering errors, without any information on the specific errors being shown it’d be impossible to say what is going on. There may be a legitimate issue, there may be a block on her account, who knows? I’d recommend she contact Monzo to report the problem.

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The error just said there was a problem and to try again in a minute. That’s why I tried her card on Stripe just in case there was an account block but it went just fine.

I’ll see if the payment is still not here by tonight and suggest she raises the issue with support.

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Nothing I can see at this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to confirm, was this linked with your card details? If so, give it at least one working day.

It is likely that this was processed in the same way as card payment refunds and gambling payouts, which are not instant and can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole week (though typically only a single working day) to arrive from the other side.

Could be a Starling issue then? The 2 accounts she tried to send the payments to were both at Starling.

Random question while you’re here…

I’ve seen a notable increase in speed of refunds through Apple Pay vs Card/Contactless … is this likely to be a true thing, or does it have zero impact?

I have no insight into what could be happening with your particular payments, I can only say that it does not appear to be a widespread issue. Contacting support on both sides would be my next step if it has not arrived after an hour or two.

Zero direct impact, but we do see a good correlation between acquirers (the companies who provide card network connections to merchants) being more up to date with things such as Apple Pay and the speed of their processes.


@Rika :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Fab knowledge, as always!