Is the app down? Money not deposited

I’ve tried the chat within the app but no response yet… I deposited money into my monzo account tonight and it’s not showing up. It’s shown in my bank account as sent but Monzo hasn’t got it. My Husband tried his as well, and the same thing has happened to him on his account. I’ve asked on twitter and have seen someone else experiencing the same issue. Is there a problem with the app tonight?

I was under the impression that it will show over night now if it was a faster payment that came out of your bank, could be wrong but I’m sure after a certain time the faster payments aren’t as quick to credit

I wouldn’t be concerned at all until it’s been 2 hours.

You can try the phone number at the back of the card.

Technically they’re instant whenever.

However, certain banks do have a cutoff after which they’ll not actually send the transfer until the next day.

For what it’s worth, I just transferred some funds to my account and they came through fine.

Is it the first time sending money from that account to your monzo?

Has it also been sent from an HSBC account?

They seem to do more fraud checks on money sent to Monzo.

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Hi @Jpappin & welcome :wave:

Nothing seemed awry with the service in the early hours today (or currently) -

If it hasn’t arrived by midday, I’d contact Monzo via in-app chat.

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If it was sent from Nationwide, they’re having issues and are investigating… as I found out this morning when I transferred a large amount of cash out of it.

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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like an issue somewhere but, most times, it’s on the ‘sender’ end. Which bank were you sending from? As per comments above, HSBC seems to be tricky, and Natwest are having issues but I don’t think i’ve seen anyone report money going missing this way, so hopefully it’s been processed by now!

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Nationwide are having issues at the moment.
A banner in their app is stating:

“We’re sorry, all outgoing payments and any payments or transfers to a savings account are in a queue at the moment - you don’t need to resend.
Everything is working normally.”

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That’s kinda what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t actually been on the app since i made the payments, but when I was on at around half 6 this morning there was nothing there.

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Faster Payments officially state a need to allow two days for the transfer to complete, presumably to allow for this sort of thing, so it’s possible the sending bank cold fall back on this.

It’s been confirmed it’s the Bank having issues today with transferring funds👍

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Same has happened to me this morning. It’s always instant but today it’s not. I’m hoping it because there’s a lot of people doing the same maybe that’s held it up. It’s gone out of my current account. So I’m hoping it’ll appear soon. It’s come from Nationwide. Is yours in now?

Thanks for all your replies, it came through in the end but waiting again this morning for another. It’s odd for us as it has always transferred across immediately and never had to wait.

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Good to hear it arrived :smile:

Sometimes ‘instant’ in the banking environment actually isn’t.

Nationwide are still having problems :grimacing:

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