Money transfer delay

Hey team, just in middle selling my MacBook air M1 today, after a deal was struck details exchanged I’m still waiting for transfer to go through.monies left the buyers metro bank, nothing arrived at mine.They normally are instant! Or the higher the value the longer it takes.

It could be being checked before it leaves their account.

Just don’t post anything until you have the money in your account and you’ve checked your account yourself. There’s a scam where an email confirms you have the money going around.


Metro could have put a hold on the transfer for security checks. Sometimes banks do this.

Or the purchaser could be trying it on. I hope you haven’t handed over the item yet.

I’d be cautious handing over any goods until the funds arrive in your account. You can ask them to call Metro if they’re with you, to find out what’s happened :relaxed:

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Hi, thanks for replying. I’m just waiting for transfer to happen!still have MacBook here. I checked my details were correct before sent and it’s showing left he’s account. I’ll sit tight and wait for money, buyers popped out (to eat):flushed:

:crossed_fingers:t3: All goes through fine in no time, if not, the other person can call their bank to find out what’s happening.

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