(Any Advice) Worrying Matter

So, Ive used an IBAN before (Europe) payment was recieved fine. Processsed within a day.

The place im getting paid from regulated firm all legal. They said they have made payments to the UK before and recently and usually settles in a day. Its been two working days now and still no sign. Fully relying on this and I understand I should of used wise, but they have done payments to the UK (Monzo’s) fine so thought it would be fine. Whats worse case here? The payment is coming from Australia and they have already settled the funds into GBP, to make it easier…

Monzo don’t support international transfers and they recommend Wise as you mentioned. Just because it worked before doesn’t mean it will everytime :slight_smile:

Worst case scenario is that the funds will be returned to the sender.


Do you know how long it will take?

Ive already set up the wise account. Im just waiting for it to bounce back

I think up to it’s 28 days for funds to bounce back but usually next day if it was sent before 6pm (sorry if I’m wrong)

Ideally a few banks doesn’t recommend international transfers. I would say speak to the support on both ends but it might not help.

Perhaps they entered the wrong Iban and it’s gotten lost

They have sent me the receipt. The IBAN looks fine. I really hope it does not take 28 days. That will be hell

The IBAN may look fine, but Monzo do not officially support receiving money from abroad yet. There are many many topics on here that say the exact same thing. Use is AYOR, as you’ve discovered.


It can sometimes take a day or two to arrive. A payment I sent from my HSBC Euro account on Monday only arrived in my Monzo account just now.

Also this, does the receipt mention whether they’ll be sending using SEPA?


Yeah mines outside of Eu. Thanks for the input though Richard, fingers crossed

If it gets past two days then im guessing im waiting for it to bounce back

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I’m sorry this hasn’t arrived.

The way it was explained to me is that international bank transfers are like a road network - very few banks have direct connections to each other and so an international transfer basically needs a Satnav in order to find a route.

That’s why we don’t have a problem within the EU as SEPA is our sat nav, but outside of this zone we don’t have a sat nav and so you’re relying on good old fashioned map reading. Sometimes they payments get lost and end up going back home.

I dunno how accurate in reality that analogy is, but the long and short of it is - a generated iban is great inside of the EU but outside of the EU stick to (transfer)Wise.

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I understand. Hopefully it bounces back soon

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@Dan5 do you think it will take long to bounce back?

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I have no idea I’m afraid.

My understanding is that the sending bank should be able to track it, so they’re best placed to let you know what’s happening with it.

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Find it hard to believe im the only person in Monzo having this experience or anyone that works with Monzo has seen an international payment go back to its sender in all these years? Surely im not that special.

Did anyone suggest you were?

No, but ive spoke to live support and they dont have the answers and you obviously dont either. So, not sure why you felt to comment

The thing is, if Monzo supported IBAN, they would provide the IBAN to you themselves. You decided to (I assume) generate your own from a 3rd party website.

If Monzo have not received the money, they can’t help you, it is that simple. As far as Monzo can see, it doesn’t exist as it has not hit them. It might be returned today, it might be returned in three weeks. Nobody has any insight into it.

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The answer is that Monzo don’t support IBAN, and so people know not to use it, so instinctively there are less people trying this.

Additionally, even less come to the forum. As it’s something that’s not supported, I doubt Monzo Cops have a lot of knowledge on the area, unless it’s something they’re separately interested in.

Your best option is to sit tight, and wait for the money to reappear. No number of questions, comments or reaching out to Monzo Support will get you a different answer.

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