Any issues with incoming transfers from co-op bank

Hey guys I’ve just been sent some money through an online transfer but I’ve not received the money I thought it would be instant any ideas? It was done as a one off payment so my details were not saved on the other account.

Faster payments generally hit within 2 hours however in some circumstances it can land in the account by the end of the day / next working day.

Edit I’m assuming it was a faster payment

Just double check you’ve input the right sort code & account number, if so then just hang tight

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Also when you first send money from an account it can be delayed getting to monzo while your sending bank does extra checks behind the scenes.

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Yeah I’ve double checked so let’s hope it lands soon, it’s from my aunt she only signed up for mobile banking today for the first time and then when the money didn’t arrive she’s freaking out which in turn made me freak out :joy:

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Okay thank you :sweat_smile:

I always send a token £1 payment if I’ve set up new payment details in the app just to check I’ve done them right, that way if I’ve made a mistake I’ve only lost a quid


I’ve just sent some money this second from my Co-op Bank account to Monzo and it was instant.

Silly us just sent £250 :sob: so a scary amount to mess up :disappointed_relieved:

Was it a one off payment? I’ve checked her account it’s says TRF then my account and sortcode :eyes:

Like you say you’ve checked the details at least and they match so wouldn’t worry too much,.
Always good for peace of mind to do a test payment


Yeah, I always do test payments