Money request from unknown person


I have had 2 money requests from a “nick cook”, one for £2000 a few weeks ago which I declined and now one for£25, I have no clue who or why, is this a usual monzo con? Seems like if I clicked the wrong thing I could have lost 2 grand to a stranger?


Are they showing in your payments screen under “all contacts”?
If so I’d delete their number from your phone’s contact list.

If you don’t use payments with friends, then I’d just turn it off to stop the requests.

I don’t have contacts turned on so monzo doesn’t have access to my phone and no I have none under contacts,

Tbh I don’t really use monzo at the moment but plan to start soon, I’m a bit concerned if this is just normal to get random requests?

Thanks for the help,

How are you getting the requests?

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Hey @Ralphh85,

Sorry to hear that this is happening :disappointed: Please get in touch with us through the help chat and we can place a block from them being able to send you anymore unwanted requests.

It may well be that they have managed to get your mobile number and that you are appearing from their contacts.

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One thing I don’t like about the way Monzo contacts works is it doesn’t require both sides to have each others phone number for automatic creation of a Monzo contact.

I think it should be re-designed so that both sides need each others phone number for contact to automatically appear in contacts list as a Monzo contact. Not just one side.


Definitely agree with this and I’ll pass this onto our product team for feedback.

It would be a really nice privacy feature to have an option such as “Who can send me payment requests” with the options “Everyone”, “My contacts only”, “Nobody” which would prevent this sort of issue from happening - thanks for the suggestion :raised_hands:


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