Requests for money from strangers?

Had a request for money from total stranger is this a ‘thing’ on monzo?
Chat help basically played it down and said ignore it. They said It’s probably an old friend teasing me…they must have got my number from somewhere. WTF… Firstly it was not an old friend or new friend or any friend and secondly I’ve had number only a few months so even if it was an old friend im not in their phone book!! im happy to ignore for now as this is the first time it’s happened although I’d rather be able to block this random person.

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Ask customer services to block the recipient.

It could be a wrong number or mobile companies reuse old numbers. Since you’ve only had the number a few months it’s a possibility


They said this isn’t something they can do yet unfortunately.

That’s not true though.

Ask customer services to escalate to the Vulnerable Customers team. I’m not suggesting you are vulnerable, but as you’ll see in the thread I’ve linked, this team are experts in this area (abuse of the Pay A Contact feature).


Monzo should have a privacy feature to not alloy others to find you via mobile number, especially since it divulges full legal name.

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It does.

You don’t switch on Payments With Friends.


I was thinking that surely even if it was a mistake of number or whatever they would know that they weren’t requesting money from the correct person as surely my name would have come up?

Yes another option but I use monzo along side family and friends this means Surely I’m the one that misses out by having to turn this off? it’s interesting that you can neither allow contacts to connect or block them it does seem a little backwards in a scenario like my own where unwanted requests are received.

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Better payee management has been suggested before, which I believe this will fall under. Be sure to search for it on here and vote for it.

Otherwise you have the two options given to you above.

  1. Ask support to block the number.
  2. Turn off payment with friends.

Personally I’d do nothing. You’ve said it was a one off request so just ignore it :+1:

Yes thats what I’m going to do for now as per my initial post.
I guess really I was asking if it’s a common thing for people to get requests for money from strangers, like are they targeting monzo users specifically :woman_shrugging:t3: but it doesn’t seem so it just felt a bit like a scam if you know what I mean, send 500 numbers a request for £10 you’re bound to get some kind of accidental return on that I’d imagine.

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Who knows, it could have just been a genuine mistake too. There are plenty of people who accidentally send money to the wrong people.

I’ve been on this forum for a long time and I haven’t seen lots of people report this :blush:


Yeah I guess that’s a possibility, but they wouldn’t keep their account for long. First person who accidentally paid and then complained would mean they’d look at the requesting account closely and close it

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Thanks all feel much much happier about it now have a great day :+1:t2:


I’ve never heard of this happening before. Sorry if this was one of your first impressions of Monzo. I second what others have said and I would ask chat to escalate it.