Unknown person in my payments screen

So I know Monzo had a few issues yesterday…I went on to pay some bills yesterday in in the show all payments (below recent) is a person I do not recognise. Why is he there and how do I remove him? Anyone else had this issue?

Does he have a small Monzo icon? If so that’s just someone who happens to be in your phone contacts who also has a Monzo account.


Yes he does.

Is there someone in your phone book with the same name?

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I’ve had a strange situation with a new Monzo contact showing up in my contacts in the payments tab.

The name just appeared a few days ago.
On the main payments tab contact list, it shows the name of someone in my iPhone contacts list. However when I click on it, it shows a completely different name, and the picture is of someone who is definitely not the same person I have in my contacts!
Very strange :thinking:

I’ve not spoken to the person in question in years, but they definitely would not have somehow transferred their mobile number to someone else. So the only thing I can think of is they stopped using the number I have saved for them a long time ago, and a mobile provider has now reallocated the number to someone else?

If that’s the case, it seems like maybe a bit of a data protection issue, as because both myself and this person I don’t know are using Monzo, I now know the name of someone and their number without their knowledge? :man_shrugging:

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i have raised a similer issue before, i
sent a freind a link to clam money i owed them.

after thay paid me, i now know there account number and sort code / and how thay bank with.

thay may not wish me to know this info

How else would you send your money from a bank without knowing the other persons bank details?

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if i send a request for payment from Monzo the other person gets a text with a link.
when thay follow link it gos to a page and thay can pay by bank or card.

with other banks if i give my acc no & sort code to someone to pay me - when i recive payment it shows on my acc as Mr Smith - £10 . i would not know there acc details to send money back or do anything else with

I’ve always like that Monzo do this, the information is sent with the payment and other banks just don’t show it.

it just seems to me for both points the post and mine.
its a GDPR issue giving info out thats not requested or needed in this case to finish transfer.

Kinda summed up my view there. If I get a transfer by whatever means, I don’t need to know the bank details of who sent it and for arguments sake if I did need to return a payment, I’d ask them for their details - as it’s their information to give out.

I on the other hand am very appreciative Monzo include that kind of detail in received transactions.

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I think i would be useful to be able to remove irrelevant people from the payments screen.

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