Money mule scam via Facebook messenger

I received this today wonder who the hell it was as I don’t know them.

Monzo seems like an easy target? possibly due to quick account opening? as a comparison I recently opened a Natwest account on Wednesday and it’s still isn’t open yet (can take 3-5 days) this is possibly for extra checks Monzo automate?

The obvious answer here is to block them, which I did and deleted the convocation

Might want to email Monzo so they can look into his account?

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I have loads of these accounts on my bait Facebook profile, one gets in and then they share away your profile and then more add you up, it’s amazing they promise the world for following a couple of easy steps

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I have emailed them

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Presumably this is the other side of the scam phone calls. The scam calls need a way for the victim to pay money into a UK account (the gift card variant is common in the US but I haven’t seen it here yet - maybe UK residents aren’t fans of paying outstanding taxes/fines by gift cards?), so they will be told to transfer it to the account of someone who’s fallen to this scheme, after which they will be told to Western Union (or similar) most of the money (minus a commission they’re allowed to keep) to the actual scammers.

I saw something similar I got a message on Snapchat someone asking if I have Coinbase and Monzo along with ID and they’ll do a tax refund and transfer in and out and if I do they’ll pay me 5 grand instantly in cash
Of corse I denied it as it’s money mule but just makes me wonder how many people will fall for it

Apparently it’s investments but it’s bs and I probably won’t even get money

Most likely. And you’ll likely have your Monzo’s account shutdown too, making the loss to you much bigger.

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Unfortunately, this type of scam has been in the UK for a number of years, victims being persuaded to pay HMRC tax bills via iTunes gift cards :man_shrugging: :angry:

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Scammers unfortunately these days are very crafty and know the right things to say

Oh, it gets much worse than that when you end up with a Cifas marker


Good point. 13 months of hassle, followed by years of clammering back up the credit history ladder.
Not good.

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