A fraud happened from Facebook

I have get into a Facebook scam 5 days before, and immediately i got in touch with the monzo chat. They were responding very quickly and efficiently with great support. The scammer was much confident in taking money from people and at the same time he got over confident and didn’t change the money from that account where i sent them. Unfortunately, his calculations got wrong and his account got blocked for 2 weeks. Does anyone have any opinions about my situation. Will monzo be able to find my money back?

I have one opinion; I think that Facebook market is designed to facilitate fraud.

Will you get your money back? Maybe. We customers don’t know.


Did you pay this person via bank transfer?

It’s unlikely you’ll get that back if so.

Yes, i did. But his bank got blocked for 2 weeks. The monzo chat people said that if the money is still there in the account i am able to claim that back and one more thing it was also a monzo account.

Then you might be lucky!

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The staffs are still working on that, and i am sending proofs each day to make it strong. The scammer is still chatting with me and he got 3.5k in that account, including mine.

That’s great however nobody on here can help you unfortunately. Keep chatting with Monzo and I’m sure they’ll do their best to recover your money.

If you’d like to share details about the scam, who they are, what they said etc. Then this would benefit anyone reading with the hope of them not becoming a victim.

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So the scammer told you how much was in their account? Were they looking for sympathy or a just weird boast

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Maybe both

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Its both i think, he didn’t realise that the account is going to block soon. The scammer said that he usually changes the amount or withdraw them.

. Lot of them are in his trap

I’m really confused


I think the important question missing is ……… Why did you transfer someone money?

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