Money in Excel

This looks like an interesting upcoming feature in Excel for those who use spreadsheets for tracking personal finances.

It will be US-only at first but I’d hope it would come to the UK considering it uses Plaid, which does connect to UK banks


Saw this the other day - it would be ideal for me [I think]. Can’t wait for it to come to UK so I can have a play to make sure and see if it suits. R-


@o99 - did you see this? R-

No, didn’t see that article. But not really surprised they won’t commit to specific plans/timeline for making it available outside US.

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Small demo of Money in Excel can be seen in this Microsoft 365 promotional briefing (10:15 to 12:30):

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Looks like many already available aggregators from that, I use Moneydashboard now and I’d be looking for something that will plot expenditure against budget on a rolling month basis.R-

I think the benefit of doing this with Excel is you won’t be limited by what they provide. They provide a template and then you can presumably build on the template with whatever calculations or presentation you want.

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Has now launched in the US

This would be awesome to shave, I am currently using YNAB (You need a budget), ironically you have to pay for it (but it seems like you’ll have to pay for Money in Excel too). It’s all manual with YNAB unless i’ve been missing a feature all these years.

Its part of O365 so it doesnt look like its an extra cost. Hope it comes to the UK, it should in theory be easy to integrate with banks.

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I was just curious as I don’t pay for that - I have a ‘One PC license’ for M365, so aren’t paying a monthly/yearly subscription

You’ll need to switch to Microsoft 365 to get it. For what its worth I think Microsoft 365 is excellent value - especially the family subscription - only £56/year when bought through Amazon.

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It is, but there’s a great sync add on designed by another forum user which can automate it for you.

It costs £3.99 a month but I personally feel that’s good value for the amount of time saved!

Oh wow. For £3.99 a month I will definitely have to gove that a go.

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You can do the same for free too. I do. It just takes some time to manually set up.

@BritishLibrary posted some exceptional instructions on how to do it in this thread;

I have our Joint Account, my Personal account and Mrs W’s Personal account auto-importing into YNAB as we spend. Such an amazing time saver.

Also interested in the Excel offering, but US-banks only so far.