Money in Excel

This looks like an interesting upcoming feature in Excel for those who use spreadsheets for tracking personal finances.

It will be US-only at first but I’d hope it would come to the UK considering it uses Plaid, which does connect to UK banks


Saw this the other day - it would be ideal for me [I think]. Can’t wait for it to come to UK so I can have a play to make sure and see if it suits. R-


@o99 - did you see this? R-

No, didn’t see that article. But not really surprised they won’t commit to specific plans/timeline for making it available outside US.

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Small demo of Money in Excel can be seen in this Microsoft 365 promotional briefing (10:15 to 12:30):

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Looks like many already available aggregators from that, I use Moneydashboard now and I’d be looking for something that will plot expenditure against budget on a rolling month basis.R-

I think the benefit of doing this with Excel is you won’t be limited by what they provide. They provide a template and then you can presumably build on the template with whatever calculations or presentation you want.

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Has now launched in the US

This would be awesome to shave, I am currently using YNAB (You need a budget), ironically you have to pay for it (but it seems like you’ll have to pay for Money in Excel too). It’s all manual with YNAB unless i’ve been missing a feature all these years.

I was just curious as I don’t pay for that - I have a ‘One PC license’ for M365, so aren’t paying a monthly/yearly subscription

You’ll need to switch to Microsoft 365 to get it. For what its worth I think Microsoft 365 is excellent value - especially the family subscription - only £56/year when bought through Amazon.

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It is, but there’s a great sync add on designed by another forum user which can automate it for you.

It costs £3.99 a month but I personally feel that’s good value for the amount of time saved!

Oh wow. For £3.99 a month I will definitely have to gove that a go.

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You can do the same for free too. I do. It just takes some time to manually set up.

@BritishLibrary posted some exceptional instructions on how to do it in this thread;

I have our Joint Account, my Personal account and Mrs W’s Personal account auto-importing into YNAB as we spend. Such an amazing time saver.

Also interested in the Excel offering, but US-banks only so far.

Couple of years later and without being extended beyond the US, Money in Excel is being discontinued

It’s a shame. I would have been interested in something with more flexibility than a typical money management app. Microsoft are promoting Tiller to Money in Excel users, but this also seems to not support UK banks.

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Indeed a blow. I was looking forward to using something with more flexibility than, say, Moneydashboard. Perhaps MIE was not versatile enough, and I believe, was free? Oh well, Nova it is then. Thanks for posting @o99. R-

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You needed an active Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription

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Oh yes, I have that anyway. R-

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