Money Dashboard

(Simon Dulwich) #1

I use money dashboard to manage my money in one place. This connects all my banks and credit cards. Can Monzo make it possible to add themselves to this system?

(Matt) #2

They seem to be aware of one another, but it’s taking a while to get one to see the other…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #3

Is this still a problem with Money Dashboard?

(Matt) #4

Nope, you can just mark it as a transfer and then remove transfers from the “spend” category - it’s how I manage my monthly monzo transfer.

(Michael Brown) #5

Would love to see this

(Sean MacNicol) #6

Hi All - Sean from the Money Dashboard team here. Some of you may have seen we launched our integration with Monzo’s API yesterday so it’s now available to connect across Android, iOS and Web. Would love to hear what you think!

(Matt) #7

Thanks! Great to see it added and supporting pots :tada:


Hi @Sean_MacNicol - Does Money Dashboard support Wealthify?


(Alasdair Shepherd) #9

Hi @Sean_MacNicol. Thanks for all the work your team must have put into this (and the Starling integration)! It seems to be working fantastically well, for the main account and all my pots.

I do have one quibble, and I’m not sure if it’s for you or the Monzo team. I’m not seeing my joint account in Money Dashboard. I don’t know if it’s missing in the AISP API, or if you’re just not picking it up, but it’s not there.

Other than that, great work!