Robinhood Support

Please be a recognized bank in Robinhood’s list of accepted banks and make transfers between Monzo and Robinhood possible. Currently, it is basically the opposite.

Robinhood uses Plaid for bank verification, so they would need to add Monzo. Plaid basically scrapes data by signing into bank websites as you. Monzo is an app-only bank, which may be an obstacle.

Chime uses plaid and is included in plaid integration. I don’t see why it would be a problem for Monzo. I think with patience and a full roll out we will get all of the normal features you would find with a traditional US bank plus extras. Also considering they are using Sutton Bank as an initial banking partner the chances are even higher that integration will happen by default. :slight_smile:


This is something that I believe is on the Trello but it’s not going to be working on for a while I don’t think, n26 still isn’t even on Plaid yet for the US. But I am sure it will happen we just have to wait sadly, if took Empower a while to get on Plaid finally as well.

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