Monzo Plus Idea: Web/ In-app Dashboard

I thought what a nice idea would be is if there was a financial dashboard, where we could see graphs and other data graphics. The whole point would be that we would get a better understanding of our finances, as the whole thing would be in-depth, compared to what is currently offered. (Monthly budgeting) There are other fintech companies that offer this, however, I feel like more can be done, to improve what’s out there already. (Emma & Money Dashboard.)

like this do you mean

IFTTT + Google Sheets + Monzo = Then what? - #75 by Rat_au_van

or this thread seems to be getting some good tips


As much as I do love mucking about with the Data Export, I am surprised there’s no built in dashboards, or at least improved analytics in Plus.

Having the raw data is obviously 1,000 times more powerful from a customisation point of view but of course you have a barrier to entry in both knowing enough about Excel, and knowing how the data is best visualised, and then having the time to build all of that.

So yeah big +1 for dashboards!

Or if nothing else some Monzo made templates for google sheets that will work along side the data


it would be impressive for plus users to have some ready made templates from Monzo , Im sure half of the plus customers won’t be able to fully utilise the information , and youve got to love a pretty dashboard


Yes, plus one from me for some dashboards or even just templates for the data.