Before Monzo I used to document every transaction in a spreadsheet on Excel! However I have now stopped since going full monzo! Just wondered if anyone else used to or still does use a spreadsheet to manage there money?

To keep track of net worth sure. Otherwise I’m using YNAB at the moment.

What is YNAB?

I used to use a Google sheet to track my committed spends and make sure I had enough for them, but as soon as Monzo introduced summary/left to spend I dropped it! I do still have it as a list in case anything ever happens with Monzo, I have a list of the payments I am making. But I never look at it!

You need a budget, it’s a budgeting app

My husband and I use a spreadsheet to budget, but not to track. It lists everything we expect to come out over an annual cycle, excluding transport, groceries, clothes, shopping and entertainment.

Some people may have about 6 or 7 regular bills, but our spreadsheet lists over 30, including life insurance, magazine subscriptions, car maintenance, etc. It helps us keep track and we use bills pots to smooth out annual payments.

I have a fairly elaborate spreadsheet in (Apple) Pages that tracks incomings and outgoings, savings & investments etc, but then I’m working with a number of different accounts and it helps to be able to see everything in one place. It also helps me figure out where I’m going to be in the future. If I pay X into this savings account, at Y interest rate it’ll be Z a few months or years down the line.

It’s especially useful for tracking investments, working out the value of the shares I have based on their current price. However, it also shows how much I’m spending on subscriptions and leads me to question whether I’m getting value from them --most of them have been culled now!

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