Money Dashboard

They have a faq:

Unfortunately we can’t tell beforehand which of your accounts your bank will support a connection for so we provide prompt options for all accounts (including savings) in case they are supported.

So Money Dashboard is crowdfunding again:

I think they only launched this morning, so well done them.

I won’t be investing though (not that they need my cash). I’m boycotting mature companies that won’t provide financials and instead just wheel out some marketing.

Still my aggregator platform of choice, though.


Just downloaded this today again (Since FD Insights without custom pay periods is :mask: )

I have to say it was a pleasant surprise that it does what I need without being paywalled. I believe they are now owned by ClearScore. Anyone else here still use this?

I still use MD Classic’s Planner thing all the time.

I’ll be desperately miserable if it goes away.

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Stopped when Nova came along. Found MD very clunky, CS very slow and recategorising transactions was difficult. Might give them another go as I expect things might have smoothed out a bit. R-

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Actually I’ve found this iteration to be less clunky. It did mis-categorise a number of transactions though which was a slight pain to resolve.

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Money in Excel seems the bees knees. Not available in UK though atm. R-

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