Money Dashboard

They have a faq:

Unfortunately we can’t tell beforehand which of your accounts your bank will support a connection for so we provide prompt options for all accounts (including savings) in case they are supported.

So Money Dashboard is crowdfunding again:

I think they only launched this morning, so well done them.

I won’t be investing though (not that they need my cash). I’m boycotting mature companies that won’t provide financials and instead just wheel out some marketing.

Still my aggregator platform of choice, though.


Just downloaded this today again (Since FD Insights without custom pay periods is :mask: )

I have to say it was a pleasant surprise that it does what I need without being paywalled. I believe they are now owned by ClearScore. Anyone else here still use this?

I still use MD Classic’s Planner thing all the time.

I’ll be desperately miserable if it goes away.

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Stopped when Nova came along. Found MD very clunky, CS very slow and recategorising transactions was difficult. Might give them another go as I expect things might have smoothed out a bit. R-

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Actually I’ve found this iteration to be less clunky. It did mis-categorise a number of transactions though which was a slight pain to resolve.

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Money in Excel seems the bees knees. Not available in UK though atm. R-

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Given the recent news that Emma is staring to limit access for free accounts.

I’m looking for free alternatives, and found out Money Dashboard Neon, but I’m unsure if I should “invest” time in it, since I see the last update to the app is over 1 year ago

Is this project still alive?

They were acquired by Clearscore. It seems like a zombie product right now.

I don’t know what the Money Dashboard privacy policy with regards to Clearscore is, but they used to sell (anonymised, aggregated) data so I’d expect it to be integrated at some point. Or just shut down.


Both are in the sucking up data business, so I’d expect it to be similar, if not the same or worse.

Monzo is really the only aggregate I trust for privacy right now.

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If you’re talking about Emma, then I understand that that’s wrong:

@edo1493 has repeatedly said that Emma doesn’t sell data. That’s partly the reason for the price rises - to create a sustainable subscription based product.

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Not familiar with Emma’s.

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Ah that makes much more sense!

(It was the only aggregator comment that threw me!)

Incidentally, conversation for another topic, but Emma has come on leaps and bounds since I last looked at it…

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I think the thing that put me off Emma way back in the day when they were new was that it used Facebook’s services for account sanctioning. Put me completely off. Didn’t fancy Facebook collecting and storing my phone number in order to use Emma.

I’m not sure if Facebook are still behind the sign up with a phone number option, but they offer Sign in with Apple which is very nice for privacy, and I think that’s when I made my account.

I’ve never properly used it, but I do like they take privacy seriously. I’d always rather pay for these products with money than with my data.

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Pretty much. Which is a shame, as at one point it was an excellent tool. Still is if you’re happy using an app that works as it does now, with no development. I imagine at some point Clearscore or Apple will redact it from the store.

I think the main challenges these apps (Emma et al.) face is:

  • People don’t actually pay for the app most of the time, so your revenue from paid signups is low
  • Leaving the only way to actually make money post investment to be through re-selling anomised data, but since the originators want to do that themselves, you can’t always get good detail from the data given.

For now Emma or Lumio seem to be the best two out there.

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ClearScore is launching a B2B product with MD’s technology. They will probably close MD at some point this year.


Urgh, I’m going to need a replacement for MD Classic’s Planner feature.

“We are sad to announce the closure of the Money Dashboard Neon and Classic apps which will shut down on 31st October 2023. Unfortunately we could not find a sustainable business model for the apps and are therefore unable to continue supporting the services.”

I’m surprised it took as long as it did to finally exit the apps out to be honest. It was clear a while ago that they couldn’t find a path to revenue.

A shame, I thought they were an excellent app at one point and, before other banks started doing budgeting away from Fintech, one of the better options, alongside Emma and now Lumio.

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I still use MoneyDashboad :confused:

Time to look for others with the same features.

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